The Fall Guest Room

When I showed you the vintage poster that we recently hung in our kitchen, I promised to show you where the previous painting of our precious Lulubelle ended up.  She is now very much at home in the guest room.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas both happening soon, I decided to show a little love to the guest room since she is where Lulubelle now resides.

  Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons


I hung her over an old English pine drop leaf table that we have in that room.  Rather than centering her on the wall, she is centered over the table.

 Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons


While we are in the guest room, let’s take a look at a few of the other changes that have been made for fall.  We added the striped rug under the bed.  This rug started out in our kitchen, and it spent this past summer in layered over the sisal rug in our great room.  Now it is right at home in the guest room.  I love it when I can move things from room to room.  That’s the advantage of using a similar color pallette throughout a home.

 Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons


Also, I added a king sized navy comforter to the guest room’s queen size bed.  It’s really too big for the bed, but I’m okay with it.  Also, sorry about the wrinkles.  I kept this bedspread in a space bag, and it is loaded with wrinkles that I hope will miraculously disappear.  I loved the blue toile duvet cover so much from the summer that I folded it on the end of the bed and kept the shams.

 Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons


And the last time you saw these two prints was when Jordan had them in her office in Charlotte.  She added two bookcases to her office and decided that these vintage prints might work better in my house.  She kept one of them for her living room, and I now get to babysit these two.  They look just perfect in our guest room.

Guest bedroom - the 2 Seasons


These ticking pillows have moved around, too.  That adorable bolster pillow cover came from Ikea, and it was less than $7.00.  They have really cute things, but sometimes I have to dig deep to find them.

Guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons


So, our dear Lulubelle is doing just fine in the guest bedroom, and she is just waiting till it is put to use.  She looks right at home in her new spot, and she is still a special accessory.  If you are starting to stress about Thanksgiving and the holidays, check out this post we wrote a few weeks ago.  Also, if you are going to be a have overnight guests, then here’s a post for you.


Take care.



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