How to Decorate Fall Leaf Cookies

Fall Sugar Cookies

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Today I am sharing a little tutorial on how to make your own fall leaf sugar cookies.  Little Miss and I love baking together, and we have been making a lot of sugar cookies.  I have really enjoyed decorating some while she has her own few to decorate.  These decorated cookies have turned into sweet little gifts for friends and neighbors.  You might want to try this technique, too, once you see how easy it is.

Follow These Steps for Decorating Cookies

First,  start with a sugar cookie recipe of your choice. I have been using this recipe.  One thing I have learned is the moment the cookies come out of the oven use this tool (the fondant smoother pictured below) to push down the cookies to make them flat.

Fondant smoothier

This way you have a flat surface and not a raised surface to work on when decorating.  This little tool has been so useful. I used some leaf cookie cutters that I had on hand.  I found this cute fall cookie cutter set.

How to decorate leaf sugar cookies

After research and reading, I learned it is best to make the cookies the day before, and let them cool overnight.


How to decorate leaf sugar cookies

Use Royal Icing

I am still working on the colors and mixing them to create new colors, but I made one big batch of royal icing.  It’s the recipe I have been using for the icing.  I then used it and made a smaller batch of each color.  I like using small piping bags to decorate.  As you can see, this round was a little too runny, but it still worked.


How to decorate leaf sugar cookies

 Outline Then Fill In

After the cookies are outlined, I go around every leaf with each color and fill them in.  You have to work fast.  I already have the colors mixed and in the icing bags when I start this process.


How to decorate leaf sugar cookies


When I am not using the colors, I put them in a jar with a wet paper towels at the bottom so they do not dry out.


How to decorate leaf sugar cookies


After all the colors are filled in, I take a toothpick and draw a line out in the icing.  I do this going out to each point on the leaf.

How to decorate leaf sugar cookies

It mixes the icing together in a fun way.  Next I pick a few points and drag the toothpick to the middle to mix the icing a tad more.  I then go back and add a little brown to the stem and let everything dry.


Fall Sugar Cookies

These are such fun cookies to make and hand out.  They are especially cute when put into small cellophane bags.  I hope you give them a try.




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