Easy Way to Add Color to a Bed

MAster bedroom - The 2 Seasons

I have an easy way to add color to a bed, and it’s so simple, that I think you will love it.  I am not really a curtain person, but we do have them in Mr. Right’s office. (They were custom made for a room in our last house, and we brought them with us.)  Plus, we have some curtains in our master bedroom.  After seeing the same curtains on Kim’s blog, I just loved them and bought them for us.  They are lined, weighted, and so well made, and we are really pleased with them.

Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons

(bedspread link)

Here’s the Secret….


Now, here’s the secret that I want to share.  When I bought the curtains, I purchased an additional panel.  The bedspread that we use in our bedroom in the fall and winter is beige, and the curtains are shades of blue plus white.  I wanted to tie all of the beigeness in with the curtains, so I cut the panel into two pieces length wise.

 MAster bedroom - The 2 Seasons

(similar curtain link)

Half and Half

I used half of the fabric to make covers for two pillows for the bed. Then I hemmed the second half and just draped it across the bottom of the bed.  It adds the same amount of color that a folded duvet would add without the bulkiness.


Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons

 I used this method to make the pillows, and hemmed the panel with my sewing machine.  However, if you don’t have a machine, you could certainly use Stitch Witchery and the no-sew method to make the panel.  I hope the is an idea you can use.


Take care.


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  1. Donnamae says

    That is a great idea Janet! It does break up the beigeness, and makes the bed look so inviting! 😉

    • Cheryl Ann says

      Thanks Janette, what a wonderful tip! Love that it’s pretty easy, too! I’ve been following you and Jordan for years and am always amazed how you can make big changes for little money and not a lot of time. Take good care, my friends.

  2. Connie says

    Where did you buy the curtains from? You referenced Kim’so blog but I didn’t see where she bought them.

    • says

      Connie, she bought them at Overstock. We think they are sold out, but we put a link in the blog to a similar pair. – Jordan