New Chairs in the Living Room

Hi everyone. I am sharing another living room update today.  I said a while back that I was really going to put my focus on this room since we spend so much time in it.  The changes have made it my favorite room in the house.  I just love it, and  I am really happy with how it is working.

I never tire of seeing before pictures so I hope you don’t mind.

Living room - before


This is how it looked when we saw the house on the market.  A lot has changed since then.  New trim and paint color, new lights over the breakfast bar, and painted cabinets have all happened.

 In Transition

Old living room rug - The 2 Seasons

(after moving in)

When we moved in, we used what we had from Syracuse, and it worked.  However, it was ready for an update.


New living room rug - The 2 Seasons

(in transition)

I am embracing color right now, and our first update and still one of my favorites was this rug from Overstock.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this rug.  We don’t eat in here other than popcorn, but I think this would hide any spills. The colors are fun and since this is our living room where we do lots of living, I want it fun.


Ethan Allen sofa in great room


After the rug, we purchased our new navy leather sofa. Thanks to y’all for encouraging me to go navy.  It works great, and it is so comfortable.  I know there were some comments about the two cushions vs. three.  It hasn’t bothered us at all, and half the time I might be sitting in the middle, and I don’t even notice.  So, at least for this sofa, I am a fan of the two cushions.


Mid century chair - The 2 Seasons


Then came the chair that I didn’t know I was looking for, but it adds a fun fresh vibe to the room.


Living Room Chairs


Our final main purchases for this room were two La-z- Boy recliners.  I wanted to move the loveseat out of the living room to make it feel a little more open and comfortable.  I love a good recliner even though most people think of them as big ole chairs for men watching football.  These chairs are so comfy and good looking, and when I now read stories to Little Miss while we sit in one, I am loving them even more.


Lazy Boy Chair- Charlotte

 Space-saving Chairs

I didn’t have a ton of space, and I didn’t want the look of a big recliner.  I opted for the Charlotte recliner, and I am thrilled with how they look. They are the perfect size for the space and quite comfortable even for our tall household.  I don’t think an afternoon nap would be that great, but sitting, reading, and watching movies in these chairs work well for us.  Behind the chair is something I realized I have never blogged about.  It’s a Thomasville television cabinet that Mom and I converted into a wonderful bar.  Photos of the inside where we made some changes just don’t show up very well.


Living Room


Next up, I thought I would show some full shots of the living room since I forgot to do that on my last post.  Gracie has one of her beds beside the fireplace, and she loves taking her morning, afternoon, and evening naps on this bed.  She looked too cozy to move, so these are real life photos. #notstaged


Master bedroom


I bought he table between the chairs at a thrift store in Syracuse.  We put it in our bedroom in Syracuse, and then it was the side table in the playroom.  I wanted that size but wasn’t having any luck finding one.  I decided to move the circle side table to the playroom and give this one a try.  I gave it a quick spray paint job, and now it is perfect for the spot.  At least for now!!!



 New Lamp

The next thing I was on the hunt for was a lamp.  I still need to call the electrician to get another outlet added behind the chairs, but I found this vintage lamp at the Habitat ReStore when my mom was here on her last visit.  My original plan was to paint it white and add a white shade.  Though after it sat on the table for a week, I decided white would be too stark, and the colors actually worked with the rug and room.  I bought a tan shade at Target, and it is another fun touch in the living room.


Living Room

I have been eyeing a new coffee table. I found one I loved, but it was $1,500 so that one was out.  I am now leaning towards this one from World Market that has an extra shelf for storage.  It might be a near future purchase.

Well, there you go.  That’s our colorful living room.  Thank you so much for sticking around and reading our blog.  We love our readers, and we have so much fun blogging together.



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  1. says

    That rug is gorgeous! I have looked at it many times myself. It’s the best combination of fun colors. Your room looks great!

  2. Cindy says

    Love your changes! Just wanted to let you know…I can’t view your emails on my computer…there is a left-side ad that pops up and covers about a fourth of the content. I had to use my phone to actually finish reading.

    • says


      Thank you so much for letting me know. I am not having that issue on my computer but I will reach out to our ad company and see if they can work some things out. If you are still having issues reading it please let me know.


    Love relaxing in this room when we’re all together. Wish I had room for those lazy boys in my living room!