The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday!  Here are our great picks for today.


Screen shot from How To Decorate


We just learned that Ballard Design has this decorating blog. Did you all know about it?

Screen shot from What Charlotte Bakes

This apple pie looks delicious.

Screen shot from Style by Emily Henderson

 Here’s another great post about the television we shared on SSS last week.

Screen shot from Southern Living

SL has some great down-sizing tips along with a beautiful house.

Twist Front Pullover

I ordered this top awhile ago when it was on back order.  It just came and I love it.  So cozy and cute with lots of color options!


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  1. Kay says

    I always look forward to reading your blog. I clicked onto the Ballard site, really liked it. However, I could not find how to subscribe – am I over looking the obvious? Thank you.

  2. Kay says

    Duh: Obviously I did overlook the obvious. Please disregard the previous post. Just one of those moments.

  3. kathy says

    I am going to be spending so much time on the Ballard blog! Thank you! (I have to go back. I didn’t see where to subscribe either.)