A New Bench

Thank you all for the kind comments you made about yesterday’s post. It was very touching for both of us to read them.

I recently bought a cute new bench from Wayfair to put in our upstairs hallway.  Since repainting the interior of the linen cabinet, I felt the wall at the very top of the stairs needed to something more.  Right now it is blank.  It’s between accessories.  There have been benches, mirrors, paintings, and dressers at the top of our stairs, but right now nada.

 Great room table and bench - The 2 Seasons

The only problem with the bench, and it isn’t really a problem, is that its color is off-white.  I think it needs to be pure white in order to play well with the cabinet and a new mirror that I bought for the space.  They are both pure white.  However, that requires me to paint it, and I have been slow to get around to that.  Meanwhile, it has been sitting in the middle of our great room.


 Great room table and bench -  The 2 Seasons

While it was sitting in the great room, I got an idea……..Maybe it would work better as a bench next to the dining room table instead of in the hallway.  I did a little shifting of furniture, which took only a couple of minutes, and here’s the result.


 Great room table and bench - The 2 Seasons

 Here’s the upholstered bench.  What do you think?


Great room table and bench - the 2 Seasons

Should I keep the upholstered bench and paint the wooden bench, or should I move the upholstered bench upstairs?  I’m on hold here till I hear from you all.  You have always been so helpful in the past, and we always love getting your opinions.  Please share in the comments.


Take care.


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  1. Cindy Kline says

    I love the upholstered bench with the dining table. It picks up the blue in your pottery!

  2. Donnamae says

    I’m liking the upholstered bench by the dining table. Not only would it be more comfortable, but I like the way it plays with the chairs and the plates in the background. Enjoy your day! 😉