New Mid-Century Chair

I never considered myself a mid-century furniture person till now.  When my mom was in town for Little Miss’s birthday, we made a quick trip to our nearby Habitat Restore.  For those of you who are local, I have the best luck at the one on Monroe.  I was telling her I wanted to update the look in the corner of our living room.  Our two lounge chairs (which I just realized I have not shared) are here, but the far corner was looking needy.  The room has slowly been evolving, and I wanted to update that corner.

Living room

(old chair)

We had a fake leather chair in the corner which was nice, and it lasted a good five years.  It was a purchase from Target, and I was surprised at how well it held up.  It worked, but I was wanting something different.  I thought I would go in another direction and get a Bergere style chair.


Spindle Armchair


I like the look of a spindle chair and thought this one might add some personality to the corner.


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 2.35.57 PM


But then we came across a fun mid-century modern chair at the Restore, and it was in like-new condition.  It was a bold color, and my rug was filled with lots of fun bold colors, including this green shade.  I measured the chair, quickly went home and measured our corner space.  I realized we could add some fun to the corner with this modern style chair.


Mid Century Chair


The moment I put her in the corner, I knew it was a match.  I LOVED it and LOVED the fun it added to the room. It still leaves room to get to the dresser behind it, but yet its color gives it a lot of presence.  This is now my favorite room in the house.


Mid Century Chair


It works great with the rug and the other decor, and it adds the wow factor.  I definitely came out of my comfort zone on this purchase but am so glad I did.  Actually, I have to thank Mom for the push to go for it!  Our sofa is a conservative navy, the other chairs are gray, and this chair just works with the rug and pulls it all together.



I found this similar one on Wayfair in a fun color in case you are thinking about adding some mid-century to your decor.


Chair Gracie

Not only does this chair look good, but it is very comfortable.  I can sit for a few minutes during nap time for a little read and beverage.  Gracie likes to play it up and look sad since she is not getting all the attention!!




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  1. kathy says

    I like your new old chair! I sort of wanted to see it in a big photo like the first photo … to see how it looks in the “big picture”. I love how changing one piece can make such a difference!

    • says


      Full room tour coming soon. I just landed a lamp and table for beside our lazy boys so now I am ready to share. I will say it looks great! I will have to do a side by side for you in a future post!

  2. Donnamae says

    Great chair…it has presence! Glad it’s comfy too…which begs the question, are you going to get an ottoman or poof? I’m curious to see the whole room! 😉