Tuesday Thoughts

Well, we are back with another edition of Tuesday thoughts.  Let’s get right to it.




I heard about this book on NPR, and it sounded so interesting to me that I decided to check it out.  It has been a fascinating read, and it has generated many conversations with my friends.  It’s about the studies that have been done on the generation that has grown up with smartphones, and what is happening to them.  Let me just say this…….the results are a little frightening.  I really enjoyed the read, and now Mom is going to read it.


Cookie Decorating

Little Miss and I enjoy baking together, and sugar cookies have been one of the things we enjoy baking.  It is fun not only to make the dough but to roll it out, use cute cookie cutters, and decorate.  I set her up with a decorating station filled with icing and sprinkles.

Leaf cookies

I have started to try out some decorating myself and have learned about the different types of icing and the consistency.  I played around with some leaf cookies and am pretty happy how they turned out.  If I can figure out taking photos with my hands full of icing, I will do a tutorial.  I have these cute fall cookie cutters.  Little Miss’s favorite shape is the squirrel.


Target Lamp

My sister-in-law has a lamp in her kitchen, and at night it is so homey to have the lamp on.  I have been on the lookout for one and found this really cute pineapple lamp at Target in the kids’ section.  It adds a sweet touch to the kitchen and fits perfectly under the kitchen cabinet.


New Chair

When Mom was in town for Little Miss’s birthday , we did an outing to the Habitat Restore. I found this chair, and after doing some measuring and thinking, I came home with this chair.  It is now living in our living room, and I love it!!!  Pictures coming soon.  Its color is much better, and it is in new condition.

Dry Erase Crayons

Did you know about dry erase crayons?  Little Miss has an easel which she has been using a lot to paint and chalk. Well, we tried dry erase markers, and we need to wait on them a little bit longer, if you know what I mean.  I discovered dry erase crayons and they have been a huge hit at the easel.  If your little one isn’t ready for the markers, go ahead and check these out.  This mamma loves them.



Roll Sleeve

I ordered two of these tops from Nordstrom, and oh my, I LOVE them so much that I want to order some other colors.  They are a great price – less than $30 –  super comfortable, and cute.



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