Little Miss Turns 3!

Hi everyone! Well, we are still recovering from a fun-filled weekend for Little Miss.  We celebrated her birthday this past weekend, and it was fun for everyone.  For those of you who are asking, we cannot share pictures of her face quite yet.  We are super close, though.  In less than a month we will be in DC to meet at the Thai Embassy, and the adoption will be finally complete both on our end and with the Thai government!!!

We kept this birthday low-key for Little Miss, and our party was family. That is who she requested for her party.  All she wanted was to be Cinderella, have balloons, and have everyone wear party hats.  Done, done and done.

Little miss turns 3


She woke up to lots of balloons and to a beautiful Cinderella costume that I found on Etsy.  (Heads up – The shop has costumes for lots of the Disney princesses, and if you are planning a Halloween costume for your kids or grandkids, it might be a good idea to get it ordered now.) She already said she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween so it’s a win-win. The dress is adorable. I was so impressed with the quality and accessories that came with it.  I did make some clip-on pearl earrings since Little Miss also talked about Cinderella’s earrings.  I ordered the cute birthday door hanger from Etsy figuring we can pull it out for everyone’s birthday.  She loved it as well and was showing us all her sign.


Little Miss Birthday


We took her carriage, aka stroller to a local bakery for breakfast that was so tasty.  If you are ever visiting Charlotte, add Sunflower Bakery to your must go.  She truly acted the part of Cinderella in her stroller with balloons tied along.  I am not going to lie…. I think Yankee and I had just as much fun as she did.


Little Miss Manicure


This girl is as girly as it gets so we watched Cinderella and did an at-home mani/pedi while watching the movie.


Little Miss turns 3

After her afternoon nap, the party happened with a Cinderella cake and presents.   She has been riding a balance bike for over a year now, and so we bought this bike with pedals for her.  First, she will learn to ride it as a balance bike, and then we will soon add the pedals.  There was lots of playing and having fun as a family.  It was a great birthday.  It is amazing how fast it goes, but we are so blessed to have Little Miss as our daughter.  I just love that girl so much.




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  1. Linda Manuel says

    I love hearing about this precious little girly girl! Happy Birthday to her. You can just feel the love you two have for her!

  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    You forgot to post everyone in their party hats! That would have completed the pictures of the day!! Lol