The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Happy Saturday, everyone.  And it is a happy one around here.  Mom and I are together this weekend.  She and the rest of the family are here to celebrate Little Miss’s birthday, and we are all so excited.  Last night Mom, Yankee and I toured seven houses here in Charlotte that were part of a fund raiser tour.  We had a lot of fun doing that, as you can imagine.  This afternoon we are going to high tea.  It’s a late Mother’s Day gift that we have been looking forward to.  Now, let’s get on with our selections.


Screen shot from Veranda

 Do you know these 10 etiquette rules?


Screen shot from Kleinworth and Co.


Candy apples are some of our favorite things about fall.  Here’s a great recipe.


Screen shot from Beneath My Heart


Traci and her husband built an amazing mudroom/laundry room from scratch.  Here’s the tour.


Screen shot from Nordstrom


We are both using this mascara and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…….a LOT.  Free shipping and free returns make it even better.



Screen shot from Classic, Casual Style


Here’s a cute California powder room.


Fall pillow from a flannel shirt - The 2 Seasons

This sure has been a fun project for a lot of people.

Screen shot from My Soulful Home



Here’s a great way to have wallpaper without the commitment.


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  1. Gwen says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Little Miss! Am so looking forward to seeing her little face. When will you be able to share a photo of her? Have enjoyed following your journey with Little Miss.
    I have an adopted grandson whom we all adore. My two biological granddaughters absolutely love their little brother beyond words. It is wonderful giving a child a new life filled with love, family and the best of opportunities. Bless you and your family.