Space Savers

When we curated our latest idea book for Houzz, we decided to select space savers as our topic.  With kids going to college for the first time or returning to college, we thought it was the right time to deal with this subject.  Maybe you are planning to down-size in the near future and have more stuff than will fit into your new home.  Selecting furniture and items that serve more than one duty can provide you with some much needed additional square footage.

Office storage - The 2 Seasons

 In the Office/Pantry

Space savers don’t always have to be grand.  For instance, adding these tiny metal buckets in the office area in Mom’s pantry/office gave her some additional storage space.  By using the wall, she didn’t clutter up her desk.


Playroom - the 2 Seasons

In the Playroom

We turned a clothes closet in our playroom into a toy closet by adding shelves and then hid them behind curtains.  Having shelves is much better than tossing toys in a basket.  The ones on the bottom might never be seen again.  Oh no!!!

 Upholstered bench in the dining room - The 2 Seasons

In the Dining Room

Using a bench or an ottoman that opens to provide storage is something Mom did in her formal dining area.  She can store napkins and table cloths, and no one needs to ever know that the bench is more than just a bench.


Adding storage to kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons

In the Kitchen

And we can’t forget one of our most popular space savers ever.  By adding three inexpensive Ikea shelves to the side of our kitchen cabinets, we created space savers in dead space.


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