Praying for Florida


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Hello friends.  We had a totally different post scheduled for today, but it just didn’t seem right to talk about homes and decorating when our readers and friends are struggling with the hurricane situation in Florida and the aftermath of Harvey in Texas.  So, we are here today to let you all know that we love you, are thinking about you, and are praying for you.  Our homes are so precious to all of us, but in times of crisis like this, they become secondary to survival.  We hope that you are all safe.



Janette and Jordan


  1. Karyl Gove Butry says

    I applaud you for dedicating your post to the victims of both horrific hurricanes. This is my go to site for everything I love. Again, thank you for a very heartfelt tribute.

  2. Cindy Brown says

    Thank you for your concern. I am northwest of Orlando and it was a very scary night. Minor damage to house, blown out tv and fence down in places but overall pretty good. So thankful to God for bringing me and my 87 year old mom through this horrific hurricane.

  3. Sunny C says

    Hello Jordan & Jeanette;
    Thank-You so very much for all of your Prayers for Texas and Florida.
    We are in Ocala, FL. We received a direct hit from Irma.
    Where we are located, We had winds in excess of 100 mph. We had numerous tornadoes.
    So many of our Beautiful, old oak trees are gone.
    Two homes are still standing. I am unsure about the Cabin, as it is not easily accessible, due to so many trees and wires being down.
    We just got power back a couple of hours ago at one home.
    In all honesty, We are exceedingly Grateful to God and to Friends like you.
    Prayers help so much. Our Angels worked overtime on this one.
    Thank-You again. XOXO..Sunny