Fall Pillow – Cute, Easy DIY

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I think I say that every year here on the blog, but it is so true.  Everything about it is perfect.  If it’s a cold rainy fall day, I love it.  If it’s sunny, I love it.  If it’s foggy, I love it.  You get the picture.  I also love fall decorating and using those traditional fall colors to make everything feel cozy and inviting.  For the past few years, I have made fall pillows out of men’s sports coats, but this year, I decided to mix it up a little.  My fall pillow this year actually reminds me that it is in fact fall.  I saw a pillow in Pottery Barn that had the word love appliqued onto it.  I thought it would be better for me personally to give that pillow idea a fall twist.


Cute and Easy DIY Fall Pillow - The 2 Seasons


 How-To Make a Fall Pillow


I bought some linen fabric to make a plain tan pillow and used this method to make a pillow.  I had to enhance it a little, though, and make it into a fall pillow.

 Quick and easy fall pillow - the 2 Seasons


So, I took two small pieces of painters drop cloth and fringed the edges.


 Quick and easy DIY fall pillow - the 2 Seasons

Then I used some rawhide ribbon to write the word fall.  I didn’t want it to be plain and boring, so, I decided to not line them up.  I tilted the second piece of fabric.  Now, remember that if you are not a sewer, you can easily do this to a pre-made pillow using any word or words you choose.

 Quick and Easy DIY Fall Pillow - the 2 Seasons


I love the way it looks, and it was so easy.  I have made some other pillows with fall colors and will pair this pillow with them. Two of those pillows have oranges and browns against a navy background.  Once I get my fall decor act together, I will be sure to show you around.  Have you started your fall decorating yet?  If you have any great ideas, please share them with us.  We love knowing what you all are up to, also.



Take care.