Book Storage in a Toddler’s Room

Little Miss is crazy about books.  We make several trips to the library each week.  She keeps the library pile in a certain spot in her playroom so they don’t get mixed in with the books she owns.  Even though the library provides a lot of her books, she still owns quite a few, too.  She has them stored in the playroom and in her bedroom in a bookcase.  She also keeps a stack, that is constantly changing, in her bed.  If she has trouble getting to sleep, she looks at books and often “reads” to her stuffed animals.We realized that we needed to add some more book storage in her little girl toddler’s room, and it was an easy task to complete.

 Book storage in a toddler's room - The 2 Seasons


Where we put the book storage

We found a blank section of wall below her Thailand map dress, and added two shelves there.  These are the shelves we used. The shelves fit perfectly between the closet wall and the windows, and they were super easy to install.  When storage space is needed, experts often recommend that you go vertical, and that’s just what we did.


 Book storage in a toddler's room - The 2 Seasons


Safety  first


Those two shelves hold a bunch of books, and they are within easy reach of her little hands.  She doesn’t need to stand on her tippy toes or climb onto a chair to reach them.  Safety played into the decision to place the shelves here.


Book storage in a todderl's room - The 2 Seasons


Each shelf has a little ledge to keep the books from sliding off.  That’s helpful, too.


Book Storage in a Toddler's Room

Even though we are using these shelves for children’s books in a child’s bedroom, they could work in any room to hold books or magazines.  If you have some extra wall space and need some book storage, perhaps this would work for you.


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  1. Kathy Parathyras says

    Hi – I love this idea. Can you tell me where the shelves are from? I don’t see a link. Thanks, Kathy

  2. jamie says

    Did you make them or buy them ready made? I can think of so many places they would come in handy while looking good too.

    • says


      I bought these already made from Ikea. All I had to do was install and it only took a few minutes. They do come in very handy in other places. I actually have two in our bathroom and put lotions and soaps on them!

  3. Ren says

    You may have written about it previously, but I love the dress made from the world map! So appropriate for your well traveled family!