Six Disguises for Everyday Items

We all have items scattered around our homes that we use everyday or almost everyday.  We need to have them close by so that we can get to them quickly, but we don’t necessarily like the way they look.  Over the years we have shared some of the ways that we hide or disguise some household items, and we thought it would be fun to write a post that brought some of those ideas together.  So, today we have six great disguises for everyday items.



String Storage - The 2 Seasons

 Disguises In the Kitchen

Disguises can come in all shapes and sizes and be attractive.  For instance, kitchen string is something that is useful to have in the…….are you ready for it?……kitchen.  We need it to tie up a chicken before roasting or a bunch of herbs before tossing them into a pot of stew cooking away on the stove.  We need it, but it’s not so fun to look at.  Why not create a disguise for it like we did a few years ago?


Garden hose storage in a paint can - The 2 Seasons


If you are a gardener or even if you are not, there is probably a pesky water hose lying someplace waiting to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice to wash off a sidewalk, hose down a lawn chair, water a dry plant, or wash a dirty car.  We didn’t like seeing our garden hose in our courtyard, so we bought a flexible one.   We keep it hidden in a former paint can that I transformed into a cute garden hose canister.  Go here to see how I did it.


Pantry essentials - The 2 Seasons

 In the Pantry

This is one of the first “Good Things” I learned from Martha Stewart.  Dish detergent looks so much better when it is stored in a pretty bottle.  It’s such an easy disguise.  Just buy a pretty bottle at the dollar store and add a spout that is made for the top of liquor bottles.  That’s all there is to it.


Laundry tips - The 2 Seasons

 Disguises In the Laundry Room

Ditto for laundry detergent.  If you use powder detergent, you’ll find that it is so much easier to use if you transfer it from the box to a special container that you can access more easily.  I use an old crock for my laundry detergent.  I had a handyman make a lid for it, and I added a cute chalk label.  It looks so much better sitting in the laundry room than a box of detergent would.


Laundry room update - The 2 Seasons


While we are in the laundry room, a container for your drying sheets is a good idea.   That cute metal canister holds the dryer sheets and also the clothes pins.  They are right there when I need them but can’t be seen when I don’t.  Disguises are sneaky, aren’t they?


Powder room reveal - The 2 Seasons

In the Powder Room

Liquid soap doesn’t have to stay in the plastic bottle that it came in.  I bought this navy blue glass dispenser at Ikea for just a few dollars.  Jordan added the “H” monogram to it, and now it has a custom look.  It sits on a small silver tray in our powder room.  In addition to having a hanging terry cloth towel in the room, I put some disposable guest towels on the tray, too.  I think guests prefer a fresh towel to a terry towel that is damp from others using it.


Disguises for Everyday Items - The 2 Seasons


If you have any great ideas to share, we would love to hear them.  Remember you can follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and our favorite, Instagram.  Be sure to pin this post to your Tips board.  As always, thank you all so much for spending part of your day with us.  We appreciate each and every one of you.


Take care.