DIY Granite Cleaner for Your Counters

DIY granite cleaner is the way to go if you have a lot of counter tops to clean in  your kitchen or baths.  I have lived in my share of places and have had multiple types of counters.  We had concrete in Atlanta, and I hated it.  In Hawaii and San Francisco, I had laminate, and I actually liked it and how it cleaned up so easily. Now we have granite. This kitchen is awesome in the amount of counter space we have for prepping food.  Boy, do I spread out and use most of it when I’m cooking.  The down side to that is there’s a whole lot of space to clean up and keep clean.

I tried a variety of different granite cleaners and was going using them up so quickly that  I decided I should make my own.  After testing out some recipes, I settled on one that really works great.  When my mom was here watching Little Miss, she sent me a text that said, “LOVE your homemade granite cleaner.”  If it got Mom’s approval, then it needs to be shared.  She doesn’t like cleaners that leave visible streaks or smears, and this one does not.

Homemade Granite Spray

Homemade Granite Cleaner

1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

2 cups water

7 drops of dish soap  (I like Dawn)

3-4 drops of scented oil to cover the alcohol smell.  (I had lavender on hand so that is what I used.)

Mix all ingredients together and put in spray bottle.  Spray as needed. Oh, and I got these cute little ones from Amazon and keep some in each bathroom.  If you keep a bottle in each bathroom and in your kitchen, then it’s always handy when you need it.  I like to use this granite cleaner with some microfiber cleaning cloths, but it works just fine with paper towels, old dish rags or old wash cloths.  Happy cleaning!

Homemade Granite Spray



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