A Reading List for the Little Ones

So many blogs share their reading lists for adults, and we do the same.  But what about the little ones out there?  Little Miss loves books, and Yankee and I have really enjoyed reading to her. Sitting and reading books is a daily and nightly activity, and she loves it.  If we are not reading books to her, she will sit on Gracie’s bed and flip through books and “read” them to Gracie. It is actually one of the sweetest things. I think Gracie enjoys the attention.



I thought I would share some of Little Miss’s favorite books.   If you have any to share that you think she might like, please let me know in the comments.

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The Very Lonely Firefly

Little Miss has really enjoyed a lot of books by author Eric Carle.  However, this one, The Very Lonely Firefly , wins out in the favorite category for his books.  The last page shows lots of little fireflies, and it lights up.  No matter how many times we read this one, she is in awe.


Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too


This author is known for her popular books llama llama.  It broke my heart to hear the author passed not long ago.  We have really enjoyed her books.  Little Miss loves for Yankee to read her this book.  The little girl and the daddy go to the home store, and Little Miss likes to announce that she goes to The Home Depot with her daddy.  I am sure The Home Depot would love that our little girl is already a fan of their store and knows exactly how to get there.



Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat we discovered at story time, and this book is the one she always wants to read out of all of the Pete the Cat books.  The fun thing about these books is the cat, Pete, sings a song.  It is fun to see how different people sing the song.  I sing it completely differently from Yankee, and then the librarian is another way.  It’s a fun part of the book and the ending in this is cute.


Green Eggs and Ham

A classic ……What can I say?


Dragons Love Tacos


A friend gave us this book, and wow, we had a huge stretch of reading it multiple times a day.  This is one she likes to pretend to read to Gracie and does lots of sound effects.  She loves that my mom read it and told me that she didn’t get why kids love it so much. I just found out there is a sequel, so I will need to get it and read it to her.


The Day the Crayons Quit


As a parent this book is my favorite.  It is such a cute story from a crayon’s perspective, and I just love it.  Little Miss is requesting this book more as she gets older.  It is cute, cute.




E Reader


When I was a child I had some books that read to me.  I put a record on the record player and turned the pages when I heard the magic sound.  These days they have the same thing but with a little e reader where your child can press the button.  Little Miss received the Mickey Mouse books and really enjoyed them.  She gets under a blanket on the sofa and starts reading  pushing the buttons and listening to the story.  The other day she discovered on the back of the Mickey books that they have princess books.  Well, thanks to the grandparents and Amazon, they arrived at our doorstep a few days later.  She now walks around and hugs her princess books and pushes the button and goes through all the princess stories.  It is a nice calming activity, and now she is starting to tell the story herself. They are cute, and she is a fan.



There is a bird on your head


There is a bird on your head book is fun to  read as an adult, and Little Miss enjoys the story and pictures.  Do some voices for Gerald the elephant and Piggie, and all parties have fun.   We have this book and discovered a lot more by Mo Willems with Piggie and Elephant. They are sweet.

 Reading List for Little Ones - The 2 Seasons


I hope you enjoyed this reading list for the littles.  Please share any of your childhood favorites or other ones your children or grandchildren enjoy.




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  1. Tracey Brancourt says

    I used to love reading with our children when they were small. A few favourites of ours were, Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall. Aussie kids love almost anything by Mem Fox, Possum Magic and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Diary of a wombat by Jackie French. I would be more than happy to send a few books for little Miss to read. Happy reading! Regards, Tracey.

  2. Jenny Young says

    Reading aloud is one of my most favorite things to do. I actually just got finished reading a short story to my husband.

    When my son was small we read no less than an average of 50 picture books a week…my library records can prove it! I displayed picture books around the living areas of our home just like the public library did. When he asked me to read, I never said no.

    One really fun thing we did was make our own recordings. I chose his favorite picture books & gave him a bell. As I read, he would ring the bell when it was time to turn the page. He listened to those recordings in his room at night for years. I loved that it had his sweet little voice commenting on the stories as we read them. My first grandbaby is due this fall & I hope we get to read lots of books together. His mom & eye have already started a huge home library for him!