Paint Improves the Linen Cabinet

I really don’t like painting, so if I repaint a piece of furniture, it’s a big deal.  I have loved using the cabinet that I transformed last year from a china cabinet to a linen cabinet.  The original paint color that I selected for the interior was a gold chalk paint by Annie Sloan.  The linen cabinet is in the upstairs hallway, and I selected the gold so it would match a mirror that would be hanging on another wall in that area.  The mirror didn’t happen, and so I spent the last year not liking the gold.  And by the way, if you need more storage in your home, why not consider converting a china cabinet into a linen cabinet?  I have loved having this cabinet hold our excess towels, candles, soaps, sundries, etc.


Linen cabinet - The 2 Seasons

Paint Color


Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided enough is enough.  I bought a can of  Louis Blue Annie Sloan paint and changed the interior. It didn’t take long at all, and I should have repainted it a long time ago.   It looks so much better and looks so much better in our home.



Great Storage

The cabinet is a great place to store extra candles, towels, soaps, and other sundries.  It is serving its purpose just the way I intended it to.



If you are wondering why the brown dividers haven’t been painted, it’s because the glass is in the way.  When the doors are closed, the brown doesn’t show up.


Convert a china cabinet to a linen cabinet - The 2 Seasons


Here’s the before.  That gold color just didn’t do it for me.




When we moved it in last year, it was at the top of the steps, but now it is on the long hallway that goes to the laundry room and guest room.  It is thin enough to fit that space.  So, that’s the update on our linen cabinet.  Have any of you converted a piece of furniture from its original use to something else?


Take care.


  1. Rick S says

    I love the change and the gumption to do the painting.
    I have picked up a dining hutch for my in-laws apartment for storage and it is surprising how reasonable they are on craigslist and second-hand shops.
    They are not just for dining rooms 🙂