Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone!  We thought we would do another combined Tuesday thoughts for you today.  These are just random things here and there that we wanted to share but are not worthy of a full post.


Before and After Amanda's House

My friend from high school Amanda has been hard at work painting the outside of her house.  We have featured her old house on our blog before and now she is in a different house.  She told me they were going to get their house painted but then she wasn’t so crazy about the estimate.  So, she did what any good DIY superstar would do.  She painted it herself!!! Go, Amanda!!! It’s a great before and after that I just had to share. The color is Dove White by Benjamin Moore and the shutters are Dorian Gray.  Amanda, we think you deserve a spa day!


(image source)

Ok, this is a game changer.  Instacart.   It is an online grocery ordering service that delivers to your home!!!!  Plug in your zip code, and it will tell you which stores in your area participate.  I was able to do my online ordering from Publix, and my groceries arrive right at my doorstep at my scheduled time.  I already picture this being perfect when we are out of town for the weekend and come back to an empty fridge.  I can place the order and have it delivered around the time we arrive back home.  This link will get you a $10 off your first order.  Game changer-period.  Check to see if it’s available in your zip code.



Did you know you are supposed to cut your candle wick every time before you light the candle?  I did not and just learned it last time I picked up a Yankee Candle.  Check out this link to read more about wick trimming and getting the most out of your candles.



We belong to the YMCA, and I finally got up the nerve to try the TRX class.  This is a suspension class, and oh wow!  Super fun and super hard!  I think I was sore for a week after my first class.  Plus, it took me a few classes to stop thinking what if this whole beam falls down.  Anyway, it is a lot of fun and goes really fast.  If you have it at your Y or gym, I suggest giving it a try.



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Did y’all stay up to watch The Bachelorette?   Ahh….. why is it such a long finale? I am happy for Rachel, and I always hope they will make it.


Now it’s my turn…..


Vanilla extract how to - The 2 Seasons

(This is from last year’s brew.)


I just made a pint of vanilla extract this morning so that it will be ready for my Christmas baking.  I ordered vanilla beans here.  When they came, I cut them into thirds, put them in a pint jar, and filled the jar with vodka.  (You can use cheap vodka.) I will shake the jar every day for about two weeks and then when I think about it.  When it’s cookie baking time in December, the vanilla extract will be ready.  Here’s an old post of ours about how to make it.


Screen shot from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408381/mediaviewer/rm3413085952



I just finished binge watching Doc Martin on Netflix.  There are two seasons remaining.  Season 8 will be released this year, and the final season will be released in 2019.  If you haven’t watched it, you might want to give it a try.  I laughed, I cried, and I pleaded with the screen for him to just smile.


Why you need to clean your gas logs annually - The 2 Seasons


We are scheduled to get our gas logs cleaned today so they will be ready when the fall weather arrives.  Have you had yours cleaned lately?  Read this post if you are wondering why they need to be cleaned at all.  I learned the hard way.

 Channing Tatum - The 2 Seasons

Mr. Right and I stopped at a local restaurant Sunday when we were out riding our bicycles.  I looked over and saw Channing Tatum at a nearby table.  He was there to promote his latest movie, Logan Lucky.  He looked as good in real life as he does on the big screen.  Last year, I had a similar experience seeing Sam Shepherd at a local restaurant.  He had a farm near here.  He looked very frail and thin, and I was concerned about him.  When I heard that he had died of ALS, it all made sense to me.


Stella and Dot bracelet - The 2 Seasons

Jordan gave this bracelet to me as a thank you for babysitting Little Miss last weekend.  The quality is every bit as good as my Hermes bracelets.  I love me some tortoise, and I was very impressed.




It looks great alone or teamed up with the pearl bracelet I found on Etsy.  There’s also an adorable matching necklace.


That’s it for today.  Thank you all for stopping in.  Have a great day.


Take care and cheers!