Our Playroom

This October will be two years since we moved into our house, and I really have not done a good job of showing you all around.  I thought it was about time today to let you peek into the the playroom.  Now as much as I want our playroom to look like this,….



…..it doesn’t and isn’t even close.  Our playroom is and could be a fourth bedroom in the house if we needed it.  A full bathroom is right beside it.  It is located beside our living room and kitchen which makes it easy for me to keep an eye on Little Miss when she is playing.  Now, let me start with a few disclaimers about this room. You will see a dresser that I painted a few years ago, and it was located in our guest room in our Syracuse house.  Since our move, it has been in the playroom, and one day two of the original handles just broke in half.  I was on a mission to find some new handles, and I did.  I installed them, but they didn’t last long so I started to fill in the holes and  start again from scratch.  At that point, Yankee decided it would be fun to get a salt water aquarium, and we would put it in the playroom.  It would go where the dresser is located, so I decided I would just craigslist the dresser to get it out of the house and make room for the aquarium.  You will see that there are missing handles on the dresser, but I wanted to get some pictures before it was sold.  Now the aquarium isn’t 100 percent set up yet and will take some time for the coral, fish, etc., so once it is complete, I plan to share the new look.



I went a different direction in my typical selection of paint colors and opted for this blue.  It is South Pacific by Behr.  I really like the color, and since we have deep blue in our dining room rug, and the living room sofa, there’s a nice flow…..at least for now.  The rug has been moved all over the place.  It was in our living room in Syracuse, our living room here, our bedroom here, and now the playroom.  The size is right, and it is nice and soft for playing on the floor.  Little Miss LOVES to play in her kitchen that Santa brought her.   She uses it daily.  The sign above the kitchen was from our place in Hawaii.  I have mentioned before that I lived in a house with a bunch of guys and girls in Hawaii.  I say it was like MTV’s “The Real World” without the drama.  We had this sign made for our house which we all named The 651.  The sign looked great against the wall color, and it makes us smile to think of that time compared to our lives now.   We did have doors on the closet, but when they were open, they opened into the kitchen and table.  I decided to take them off and add some curtains.  They made a huge difference in the amount of space.  I usually tie the curtains back with ties, and they stay open so Little Miss can get in the closet easier. We are currently installing shelves in there and making it more user-friendly for her.  Stay tuned.




I found this little table at our local Habitat Restore, and it is perfect for her right now.  The little cleaning set in the corner is something Little Miss loves to pull out when I am cleaning.  She is such a mini me!!!




One side of the room has an Ikea sofa.  This was in our office in our last house.  I really love the look of this sofa, and Little Miss will curl up under a blanket and read her books.  We made the framed map, and since we are a family of travelers, we love having it up in the room.  Little Miss can point to Thailand and says she was born in Thailand and now lives in Charlotte.  We plan to show her the world. The bookshelf is there to hold books for now but in the long run, we want to build bookshelves around the French doors.




This room is a lot of random things put together from our old house, and we know it will evolve into a variety of things so we are making do with what we have.  The side table and lamp were both from a thrift store in Syracuse.  I painted the lamp and added a new shade.




Here is the other side of the room.  See the missing handles on the dresser.  Oh well, the crazy thing is that I sold it for more than I paid for it, and it had a good life with us.  The chair in the corner is one of those Ikea chairs that I don’t love the look, but it is comfy.  It might not be staying forever.




Here is one last shot. Do you see the small yellow foam piece on the door?  Well, it’s one of the best parenting hacks out there.  I just cut one of those pool foam noodles, and now the door cannot be locked or closed in on someone by a little four legged friend.   I’m looking at you, Gracie.  Well, there you have it  –  our hodge podge playroom.  But I realize at the end of the day Little Miss doesn’t realize it is all mix and match, and we as a family love being in there and playing.




  1. says

    I think this is a wonderful playroom for your Little Miss! It’s a room that is multi-functional and I think that is smart! The room is beautiful Jordan…love that darling table that you found at the Re-Store!

    • says

      Ahh Shirley thank you for the sweet words. That little table has come in so handy. Now it is being used daily for little tea parties!

  2. JOSIE says

    Love that you’ve created a space that’s just for Little Miss (yet still functional when guests come to town)! Can’t wait to see you guys in September!