Addition to the Great Room Shelves

This is embarrassing to admit, but our great rooms shelves have been finished for two years, and I just added the final accessories recently.  The row of shelves at the top have been bare because I just didn’t know what to do with them.  I have to bring in a ladder to reach them, and so I didn’t want to add books or knick-knacks that would require me to climb on the ladder all too often for a good dusting.  So, after some thought, I finally decided that the best addition to the great room shelves would be baskets.  And I guess I am on trend.  If you saw the article about the fall trends for 2017, then you know what I am talking about.

 Great room baskets - The 2 Seasons


The baskets provide a uniform look that carries the eye across the width of the room.  They will get dusty, but I can take care of that during my deep spring and fall cleaning.  If I want to store anything in them, I can, but they will probably remain empty.


Great room bookshelves - The 2 Seasons


This is what the shelves looked like until now. I already owned most of the baskets, and they were being used to hold off season items in our foyer closet.  I emptied them out and asked Jordan to pick up three more at her local Ikea.  They look as if they were made especially for those shelves, don’t you think?


 Great room shelves - The 2 Seasons

Great room shelves - The 2 Seasons


After I finally decided what to do, it was an easy fix.  I have some cute tags that I purchased on one of my trips to Europe, and I might add them eventually, but for now they are just fine.


Take care.


  1. Beth says

    I love the baskets, they create balence and a give a wonderful frame for your room.

  2. Donnamae says

    The baskets are the perfect finishing touch! Sometimes you just have to wait for inspiration to strike…even if it takes two years. IKEA you say…hmm…I’ll have to check that out! ;

    • says

      I love Alexandra Stoddard, too. As far as the cabinet above the fridge goes, it’s my Tupperware. I call that cabinet “death by Tupperware” because it attacks me every time I open the door.

  3. june says

    Love the shelves. I have thought about building shelves like that too. One of my favorite designers and authors is Alexandra Stoddard. She often talks about a built in bookcase just below the window sill and across the entire wall. If I had the space to give up in my bedroom I would love that. Shelves make such a visual impact in a room.

    Love the peak into your kitchen too. Curious…what do you store above your refrigerator?
    We redid our kitchen two years ago – light cabinetry with a warm glaze. My contractor talked me into using that cabinet for my baking pans since I’m a huge baker. It has become one of my favorite storage spots in my kitchen. Although I do have to say I LOVE my dish drawers in the peninsula.

    • says

      June, see the reply to Donnamae. I’m in my iPhone instead of my computer, and my answer to you is in the wrong space.

  4. Cheryl Ann says

    Very nice, Janette! I love the baskets! They add a neutral texture that really makes the shelves look stunning. Blessings, my friend…

  5. says

    I am very inspired by your design. We have a similar layout for our living room and would like to do the same stone.