Refreshing the Guest Room

When I was getting our guest room ready for our latest overnight guests, I decided it was looking a little tired.  I thought maybe it was the paint, but in has only been on the wall for less than two years.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided that it was the art and the bedspread.  The plain white bedspread that was in there before just wasn’t working for me anymore.  Our guest room has a pine headboard on the bed, a pine table, and pine cabinet from an old hardware store. There’s a blue night stand that adds some color to the furniture department.  However, I needed to add some more color, and I did not want to paint any other pieces of furniture.  I like just one painted piece in a room.  So, I decided that refreshing the guest room would happen by purchasing a new bedspread and adding some plates to the wall.

 Guest room - The 2 Seasons


I searched and searched for a bedspread but just couldn’t find one that spoke to me.  Then I read on another blog that a duvet cover makes a great summertime bedspread.  Without the heaviness of the down comforter on the inside, it is a nice weight that works well for a light and airy look.  The bed skirt is creamier than the spread, but there seems to be more of a contrast in the photos than is noticeable in real life.


 Guest room - The 2 Seasons


I started looking on line and found this one.  I was hoping for a soft floral to give the room a somewhat English country look.  The pine pieces in there look very English country to me, and a toile-like spread would continue that theme.  So, I ordered two shams and a throw, and as soon as they arrived, I ironed them and put them on the bed.

 Guest room - The 2 Seasons


That addition to the room was just what it needed.  Although the plates are a temporary fix till I find some art that I like, I think the room looks great now.


Guest room - The 2 Seasons


I moved the blue wicker rocker to our refreshed sun room (come back Wednesday to see it) and brought in a chair that had been in our master bedroom.  It’s always fun to shop the house and do some free redecorating.



Guest room - The 2 Seasons

You probably recognize my favorite tray.

 Guest room - The 2 Seasons


Here’s another angle that you don’t see very often.


Guest room - The 2 Seasons


I always thought the television is in the place that would be a perfect spot for changing diapers on a grandchild.  The television is going to get moved out soon.


Guest room - The 2 Seasons


This is how the room looked before.


Guest room - The 2 Seasons


Now, the room is all set for our next round of company.  I hope they find the room as cozy and inviting as I do.


Take care.


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  1. kathy says

    Pretty! I love the English country look. Those plates! I also like the checked pillow with the floral.
    Great new look! I am sure your guests will feel special in this room.

  2. Donnamae says

    Oh…I really like the plates there…makes the room look so country cottage to me. Great idea, too, to use a duvet without a comforter….great for summer. Lovely pattern! 😉

  3. june says

    I love this! I too saw the post on another blog about the summer look of a duvet cover without the heavy comforter inside. I cannot wait to try this. I currently have a beautiful English Country ensemble that I had custom made…back when Waverly had a custom product line through some of the local paint stores. I have loved it from day one…but I’m ready to make the bed look less heavy…so I have been in search for a quilt. Now that I have seen your beautiful bed, I’m not going to restrict the idea of looking for a duvet cover. Even with our hefty Minnesota winters my hubby does not like the heaviness of down comforters…so we have always removed it from our bed. This just might be the solution.

  4. Kim Andrews says

    I never thought to use a duvet cover without the duvet. Purchased one from PB a couple of years ago and it got put on a shelf in the closet when I took the feather comforter ( that I bought it for) off the bed and started using a quilt I made instead. Got it down the other day and thought about cutting the seams out, buying a solid matching backing and taking it to my machine quilter and have her make a quilted coverlet out of it. I could then used the back of it to make matching pillows and shams. But I may just try it out as is and see how I like it. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Dear J:
    Do I detect a hint in this post???!!!!!
    PS: Gonna use the unstuffed duvet idea on two of my beds. Why didn’t all of us think of this before??