Tuesday Thoughts on Thursday

Hi, everyone!  You may think I have been a little MIA but instead just staying super busy with summer and loving it.   Here is a Thursday edition of our Tuesday Thoughts.  It wasn’t quite ready on Tuesday.

Little Miss and I recently took a girls’ trip to visit some friends in Salt Lake City.   I have known them for years even, before my days with Yankee.  One of them basically introduced me to Yankee, and I introduced him to his wife.  Now we all have children, and they have a daughter a few months older than Little Miss. The girls had a blast and my heart just melts seeing her play and seeing her imagination come to life.

Tuesday Thoughts


The girls were switching clothes, shoes, and jewelry the whole time.  I see the teenage years before me.  Haha!  We spent lots of time outside and even enjoyed some great hikes and s’mores along with her first time bowling.


Tuesday Thoughts


She loved everything – even the travel part.  She is becoming a great flyer and can navigate the airport pulling her little suitcase with the best of them.  #somygirl


Tuesday Thoughts


On the adoption front we have made HUGE progress.  We have finalized our adoption with the state of North Carolina which means she legally has our name!!!!!  Only one step left, and that is our trip to the Thailand Embassy in DC.  We just got word last week that they received our file, so within the next four months we will get scheduled and head that way to register the adoption. We are so close to being finished, and I look forward to that day.


Car seat tray

Little Miss is not only becoming a pro at plane travel, but we also have had our fair share of long car trips.  If possible, I like to leave very early in the morning and that means she at least sleeps a little in the car.  Also, with an early departure, it doesn’t feel as if the whole day is spent driving.  We purchased one of these car trays, and it is awesome.   She loves it, and can spread out some toys, color and put books in the side pockets.

 Screen shot from Amazon

I was out of town the other week for work for my day job, and at night I did some binge watching of Shark Tank.  I have always loved that show.  This product was so brilliant, I thought.   Even though we are past this stage, I wanted to share. It is basically a place mat with a plate on it, but it has a suction cup so it can’t move.  A brilliant mamma came up with this product.



Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.33.41 PM


Now onto the house.  We made the plunge and ordered these Lazy Boys for our living room.  It is the Charlotte recliner, and I was really drawn to the style.   We wanted something that reclined but didn’t look like a recliner or looked too heavy in our living room. I drew everything out to scale on a plan, but I wanted to see visually how it would feel with two chairs in place of a loveseat.



Tuesday Thoughts


When our old sofa was moved out and we were waiting for the new one, I moved the loveseat to the sofa position and brought in our two chairs from our back porch, just to get a feel.  Oh, we loved it and the room felt so much more open. We kept them in the house for a day, and Yankee and I were both sitting in a chair.  I thought yep this recliner thing is going to work  Plus, the max we ever had was two on the loveseat, so we aren’t losing any seating.  I can’t wait to show you when they come it.  Slowly this room is coming together, and I am really loving it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.18.17 PM

I also just ordered two of these outdoor rugs from Target for our back porch.  They were on major sale, and the one I have out there now is too small.  It is well over nine years old and has been in multiple rooms in our old house and loft in Atlanta before landing in its current spot on our back porch.  I plan to move it to either our front porch or the porch off our bedroom upstairs.


Change the voice on your iphone through settings - The 2 Seasons


Now, here’s something fun.  My mom discovered, through a friend, that you change the voice of Siri on an iphone.  Mom’s phone had the typical Siri voice, but her friend’s Siri voice was a British male.  Mom changed her phone, and now her Siri is a British male, too.  There are lots of different English accents for the choosing.  Siri can have a South African accent or an Australian accent, etc.  Just go into your settings to make the change.




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  1. mary crain says

    Great news about Little Miss and the adoption process! She is fitting into your travel style.