The Foyer’s Summer Look

I have mentioned a time or two here that I like a red, white, and blue look for the summer, and when it was time for the foyer’s summer look to happen, I pulled out some patriotic colors.


Sumer foyer, 2017 - The 2 Seasons


I still am crazy about the thrifted red lamp that I updated and renewed with paint and a new shade.  The lamp is great for summer time decor as well as Christmas trimmings.  It was like welcoming an old friend when I put it in the corner of the foyer dresser.  (Yes, I am aware that lampshade is crooked, but I didn’t catch it till after the photos were edited.)


Summer foyer, 2017 - The 2 Seasons

I continued the red, white, and blue theme when I picked up a blue and white bowl at Pier 1.  We have a lot of company in and out of the front door, and I thought a bowl in the foyer would be a great place for their keys.

 Summer foyer, 2017 - the 2 Seasons


The painting that I did a few years ago is perfect for summer.  Although the plant might be too large, it was either this one or a plant that is too small.  I know that philodendrons are hardy, and since we will be traveling a lot this summer, I needed a plant that could go a while between drinks.

 Summer foyer, 2017 - The 2 Seasons


The candle, which I wrote about here, is the last item and creates the odd number that we talk so much about when accessorizing table tops.

 Sumer foyer, 2017 - The 2 Seasons


I might add a bouquet of flowers now and then in place of the green plant, but for now the foyer look is complete for this summer.


Take care.



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