My New Sofa

Happy Monday, everyone!  We hope you had a great weekend.  One thing I talked about for 2017 is that I really wanted to work on our living room.  We are in this room daily, and it just needed some updates.  Slowly, slowly things are happening.


Oxford Sofa -Ethan Allen


We splurged on our newest purchase, a navy leather sofa called The Oxford from Ethan Allen.  I was really nervous about the navy, but thanks to all of your comments and encouragement about navy, I went for it.  I’m so glad I did.


The Oxford- Ethan Allen


I also didn’t think I would be a leather girl in terms of a sofa, but it is so smooth.  I love it.  Plus, something has already spilled on it, and the clean up was super easy.  I didn’t start out planning to buy this particular sofa.  In fact, I visited the Ethan Allen store to see another sofa in person, but this one caught my eye.  I worked with a great designer, and we planned out the final touches to the sofa.  I really enjoyed how I could customize it with the fabric.  She also gave me great suggestions for the rest of the room.



Oxford Sofa= Ethan Allen


Next up, we hope to replace our loveseat and add recliners that don’t look like recliners.  I moved the loveseat out and brought in two chairs to get the feel and Yankee and I really liked how it opened up the room and made it feel more airy.  We also need lamps, a coffee table, plants, and more art, but those things will come in time.



Jim Thompson Pillows


Pillows have always been hard for me, but the nice thing is that they are so easy to change.  The two striped ones are Ralph Lauren, and I found them at Marshall’s.  The coral pillows are by Jim Thompson, and Yankee and I actually bought them when we were in on vacation in Thailand a few years ago.  This was even before we started the adoption process, so now I really like having them and using them.  The pink one I found at HomeGoods.



Living room


Here is a current picture of the living room.  It is really nice and bright thanks to all the doors and windows.  Slowly but surely it’s all coming together.  I am sure it will never be completely finished (is anything ever finished?), but I am really pleased with the new sofa addition and how it is looking.




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  1. Pam says

    I’ve never had a leather sofa or chair. Do you slide around on it? I’d hate to keep adjusting my position. I guess I’d justlike to plop down and stay where I land.

    • says


      So far no sliding around, that I have noticed. I was afraid it would be cold and uncomfortable and it is very comfortable and I couldn’t be happier.