Sources for Free Botanicals & Nature Prints, Revisited

For our revisit this month, we decided to republish our popular post about the various ways you can add botanical and nature prints to your homes for free.  Enjoy!


Jordan had an assortment of botanical prints in the dining room of her last house.  She received a lot of compliments on them and questions about them.  So, we thought you might like to know the two sources for free botanicals and nature prints that we know about.

House Tour- The 2 Seasons

The botanicals came from the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection.  You can access that website here.  They have thousands of prints that you can download for free, and new materials are added daily.


Screen shot from New York Public Library's digital collection


If you want a butterfly, you can find one.


Screen shot from NYPL digital collection


They have all kinds of flowers, but if you want an antique map, they have that, too. Use your imagination.  If you want it, they probably have it.


Screen shot from the Audubon Society


Now, if you are looking for birds, we have a source for you.  It’s seems that flamingos are popular lately, and you can get all the flamigos you want at the Audubon Society’s website here.  When you are on the site, go to the Birds link and then click the John James Audubon’s Birds of America link.  Audubon’s sketches will appear.  You can control the size of them by clicking the binoculars in the upper left.


Botanicals in dining room - The 2 Seasons


Although it is not free, this book is a wonderful source of botanicals.  The prints that Jordan has in her new dining room are from this book, and I have used a few myself.


Happy browsing.