Tropical Leaves in Home Decor

Using tropical leaves in home decor is red hot right now.  They are all over Pinterest, in every magazine, and in lots of bloggers’ homes.  We love this trend but realize it’s just a trend.  It was influenced by the Palm Beach look, and the introduction of a tropical vibe to traditional home decor is quite refreshing, especially in the heat of the summer.


New sunroom rug - The 2 Seasons


Mom even got in on the action when she bought a new rug for her sunroom.  It was an inexpensive purchase that adds an updated look to the vintage furniture she uses in the room.

 tropical leaves from Laos - The 2 Seasons


When she was in Laos last month, she saw tons of banana plants and even posted this photo on Instagram.


 Screen shot from Kohler via Houzz



Our latest idea book for Houzz was all about leaves and how you can use them in every room of your house.  Go here to see what we curated.  We hope you enjoy our selections.