DIY French Ticking Place Mats

With a bunch of patriotic holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to do a little DIY craft.  I love French ticking and French linens and knew that adding a patriotic touch to some plain place mats would be an easy project to create before this week-end’s Memorial Day celebrations.


DIY French ticking placemats - The 2 Seasons


 DIY French ticking placemats - The 2 Seasons


I bought some plain place mats that look like linen.  Actually, I used the back side.  The front side has a plain gray half and a gray stripes half.  If you want to make this project but you don’t want to buy place mats, then follow these directions to make your own.  Instead of using corduroy like I did the last time I made place mats, you could use some fabric from a drop cloth, and they would be great.


DC Flea - The 2 Seasons


I used these antique French linens that we saw at the Big Flea as my inspiration.


The materials needed for this project are

– navy or red fabric paint (Buy it at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby)

– painters’ tape (I used Frog tape)

– a small brush with stiff bristles

– a ruler

 DIY placemat - The 2 Seasons


I started by measuring and marking the place mat.  I made the small stripes 1/4 inch wide, and the wide stripe is 1/2 inch wide.  The size you want is up to you.


DIY Placemats - The 2 Seasons


I first taped and painted the middle stripe.  It is very important to make sure the tape edges are all pressed down really well so that the paint can’t run under it and mess up your project.  I let it dry and then taped and painted the side stripes.


DIY placemats - The 2 Seasons


It took only 10 minutes per place mat.


DIY French ticking placemats - The 2 Seasons


That’s not bad at all for such good results on something that I will use over and over again.  If you like this project for this weekend, you still have time.  And this is one that the kids could do.


Take care.


  1. Kate L says

    Nice, Janette! Please remind me about your red/eh checkered plates (brand/source/etc). Merci!

    • says

      Kate, I bought those plates years ago at a local store. They were by a company called Noble. Sorry I can’t give you more info, but that store is out of business. I’m in Germany right now and can’t look at the back to see if there’s a pattern name.