Skin Care and The 2 Seasons

Jordan and Janette - The 2 Seasons


Mom and I really like to take care of our skin.  We both take certain steps to protect our skin from the elements, and we both have morning and nighttime routines that we follow to cleanse, moisturize, and protect our skin.  But let’s face it.  We are still in the sun a little bit each day.  Walking to and from the car to run our errands and go shopping exposes us to the sun’s rays.


Pittsburgh to DC by Bike

As bicyclists just out having fun, we are often in the sun at the worst times of the day.  I rode my bicycle across the country three different times, and you can imagine how much time I spent in the damaging sun.  Mom is on her bicycle as much as she can be.  She protected herself from the sun for years and years, but once she took up cycling at age 50, she was in the sun a whole lot.  We both do take precautions and have skin care routines that we follow, and we were thrilled when Skyn Iceland® asked us to try out some of their products.  We decided to each write our experiences with skin care and with Skyn Iceland®.

Jordan - The 2 Seasons




I was taught from an early age to take care of my skin, and thanks to Mom, that means I apply sunscreen everyday, get regular skin checks from the dermatologist, and invest in the right products.  After college I loaded up two suitcases and moved to San Francisco where I lived with a fun group of girls and worked at a facial plastic surgeon’s office.  While working there, I learned even more about my skin and some healthy habits I could embrace.  Everyone needs to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, sleep on a silk pillowcase, and remove their make-up every night before going to bed.

It was time to start doing those healthy habits for my own skin.  Right in front of me I could see a who difference in our patients/clients who took care of their skin and those who did not.  It was a true wake up call, and I jumped on board and now follow healthy skin care habits.  (Well…. most of the time!)  While working in that office, I also worked with many skin care reps so I used a variety of products, but for some reason I never used eye serums, gels or creams.  I still, in the back of my mind, thought the 20’s were way too young for an eye product.

Fast forward to my living in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was a skin care rep for a line that called on doctors’ offices, and had I had even more opportunity to learn about our skin and how important the right products are.  Still, I thought I was too young, and there was no need to use the eye products.

Now, years out of the skin care industry, I still enjoy reading about different products and learning what is out there for us to try.  Now that I am in my mid 30’s and not getting as much sleep and having a busy year, I noticed my eyes were starting to look stressed.   It was time to start actually using an eye serum, so I was thrilled to try out Skyn Iceland ®  Brightening Eye Serum and Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.


Skyn Iceland ® Brightening Eye Serum


Well, I have embraced it and love what I am seeing.  The brightening eye serum has 20 peptides and doesn’t have any parabens.  That was a word that when I called on doctors offices I was always asked about, so, I am thrilled parabens are not present in the product.  The serum also helps brighten the under eye area which I need these days.  So, you can say I am on the eye serum train and here to stay.  The even better part is I have noticed a reduction of the fine lines that have started around my eyes!!!!



Skyn Iceland® Hydro cool firming gels


The next product I was able to try was the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.  OMG!  They are AMAZING!!!!!  A few mornings (usually the weekend) when I wake up, I have puffy eyes.  Well, I apply a little of the brightening eye serum and apply the pads. Ten minutes later I notice a huge difference.  The gels are a little cooling and when I take them off, I feel  some warming under my eyes and my skin.  That area felt so good and looked great.  They recommend using the firming eye gels once a week, but I was so happy with the results that I would do it even more.  I even sent Mom some early text messages telling her my love for these eye gels.  I highly recommend them, no matter what your age is.


 Janette - The 2 Seasons





Keeping my skin looking as youthful and wrinkle free as possible has been a quest of mine since I was 21.  I learned about the harm sun can do when I was interviewing the head of dermatology for the Henry Clay Hospital in Detroit.  (I was a reporter back then.)  Ever since then, I take skin care very seriously.  I am now in my sixties, and I think for a “lady of a certain age”, my skin looks pretty darn good.  When my children were little, we spent most summer afternoons by the club pool in our neighborhood.  I was there with my sun visor and long sleeves sitting under an umbrella.  My friends made fun of me for being so covered up, and I always said to them, “Let’s compare skin when we are 50.”  We never got around to doing that because we moved, but I like the way my skin looks.


 Janette's skin - The 2 Seasons

(Here I am with wet hair and no makeup after using Angelica Line Smoother for two weeks.)


Traveling, which you know we do a lot, takes its toll on my skin.  When we travel, we are either in third world countries that are hot, dry, and sunny or on a bicycle where we are dealing with sun, heat, dirt, dust, oil, and grit.  Airplanes are tough on the skin, too.  I usually come home from our excursions knowing I need to spend extra time giving my skin some TLC.  I was thrilled when Skyn Iceland® reached out to us to try their products.  I think they were reading my mind because they sent Hydro Cool Firming Neck Gels and Angelica Line Smoother to me.  We recently returned from two weeks in Thailand and Laos, and I was thrilled that the Skyn Iceland® products were waiting for me.  I used both products, and I am thrilled with the results.



(Here is a close-up of my eye area after and with make-up.)


Of course, when we are away, I do take precautions to protect my skin.  I wear the highest SPF sunscreen I can find, I wear a hat, and long sleeves.   But not getting the right amount of rest, eating strange foods, not drinking enough water, bathing in hard water all add up to stressed skin.

The late Nora Ephron wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck.  It was written for us ladies and about us ladies and all we have to deal with as we age.  Well, since using the Hydro Cool Firming Neck Gel, dealing with my neck is one less thing I have to think about.  It’s so nice to use products that produce results, and my neck and eye areas are proof they work!


Cheers and Take Care!


This post is sponsored by Skyn Iceland® .  However, all opinions and thoughts are our own.