How to Garden in a Small Space

Happy Thursday everyone!  We have been spending lots of time outdoors here and loving every moment of it.   Today I wanted to share with you our mini garden. When we moved into our house here in Charlotte, we weren’t sure we would have a place for our garden due to all the shade from the large trees.  Fast forward to this year, and I realized we do have a sunny patch along our driveway fence.   Some evergreen shrubs were there once, but it was too sunny for them so they didn’t survive.  We were trying to figure out what we could plant, and I thought let’s try a vegetable garden.



At our old house we created a wonderful vegetable garden on the side of our house.  When we first looked at the area, it didn’t look like a ton of space.  However, after reading  this book, we realized we had plenty of room.  You can check out the original garden post and see the pictures from our old house here.  The people who bought our house even told me the small square foot garden was a selling feature that they loved.   The following summer they contacted me to ask which book I had mentioned to them so that they could set up their own garden.  We have told so many people about this book, and it seems our friends have also had great success using this method.


How to have a vegetable garden in a small space.


We also wanted to plant a garden so that  Little Miss could get involved in the fun.  This year I didn’t grow our plants from seed, but I am already thinking we might do that next year.  The area is very narrow, but it works. Remembering what the books says, I placed items closer together than I would have if I had never read the book.  In our little area we have two tomato plants, two peppers, four broccolis, (which can really be close) cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and a few herbs.


How to have a vegetable garden in a small space.


So far so good.  Things are really growing since we planted them a few weeks ago.  The book talks about setting up a contraption so the squash and vines can use vertical space to grow.  Well, I had some netting and stakes on hand and just threw this up.  It isn’t perfect, but the squash has hooked on and is already climbing up.  I already know I will need to make it taller for next year and a little more visually pleasing.


How to have a vegetable garden in a small space.


I am thrilled we are able to have a little garden, and Little Miss loves watching the vegetables grow.  Literally, she will sit down and just look at the plants.  I can’t wait to see how excited she gets when it is time to pick some vegetables.  There you go.  Even if you don’t have a large yard, find one tiny sunny area and start planting a square foot garden.


How to Plant a Veggie Garden in a Small Space - The 2 Seasons


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