Moss Balls Add Life to Vignette

I know that I am late to this dance – the moss ball that is.  Moss balls have been around for years now.  In fact, they might have come and gone by now, but that’s okay.  I finally found some that I like and I bought 15 of them.  That’s right – 15!!!!  I stopped by my favorite consignment shop recently to drop something off, and I took a look around.  It seems that every time I do some browsing there, I end up buying something, and this time was no different.  Julie had a few collections of moss balls here and there, and I knew I needed some for a wooden bowl of mine.  The nice thing about her shop (Room Service for you locals) is that in addition to carrying consignment furniture, she goes to market several times a year and has a great selection of new accessories.

Sideboard in great room - The 2 Seasons


I bought this bowl last year when we were in Zambia.  It is handmade and lovely.  It sits on a cherry sideboard that we have in our great room.  I learned recently when listening to a podcast that my cherry sideboard is dated and out of style.  Whomp, whomp.  It’s one of my favorite pieces in the house, and I often see one just like it on the news when they are showing a certain room in the White House.  So, if it’s good enough for the White House, then it is good enough for me.  Okay – that’s the end of that rant.  Anyway, I knew the wooden bowl needed some color, and I was thinking that moss balls would be the perfect filler.

 Moss balls in great room - The 2 Seasons


I was right.  They look so nice in the bowl and really add some life to the vignette on the sideboard.


Great room sideboard - The 2 Seasons


The orchid that I received for Mother’s Day is about to bloom, and its purple blossoms will really pop against all of the green.


 Moss balls in great room - The 2 Seasons


I looked around and found some other cute uses for moss balls.  Oh, and here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own.  And here’s another one.


Screen shot from Cedarhill Farm



There are also other ways to use them.  Anita from Cedarhill Farmhouse stacks hers on beautiful candlesticks.


Screen shot from Edith and Evelyn Vintage



Look how beautiful they look on the Edith and Evelyn Vintage blog where there are several different sizes.



Screen shot from The Yellow Cape Cod



And one more……Here they are looking cute in a big wire basket from The Yellow Cape Cod blog.


Moss balls in great room - The 2 Seasons


If you look on Pinterest, you can find lots more cute uses for them.  I might need to go buy some more. (;


Take care.



  1. Ren says

    Hi Janette and Jordan!
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time, since before Little Miss joined your family, so this comment may be filled with lots of random comments!
    After one of Jordan’ posts about her home in Charlotte, I realized that her family and my son’s family live in the same neighborhood. Your house is one of my favorites. I don’t know if you have been attending the neighborhood meetings about the new school assignment (welcome to the turmoil of our schools) but you may have met my son there.
    I love reading your posts because they are always so well presented. Today’s was no exception and I got a couple of ideas to incorporate some moss balls in my summer decor.
    You guys travel like no one I have ever known! I wish you would write a post about how all of that started sometime. I hate to fly so exotic destinations are not on my radar!
    Finally, it has been a joy to follow your journey with Little Miss. Hopefully we will get to see her face and learn her name soon.
    Oh, and your Saturday posts are always filled with such interesting things. You do a great job of rounding up some gems for your readers to enjoy.
    Thanks for all of the work and effort that makes reading your blog so enjoyable.

    Have a great day!
    Ren Jetton

    • says

      Janette here. Thank you for being such a loyal and supportive reader. Jordan LOVES her neighborhood, and yes, she is concerned about the school issue. Her husband has been attending the meetings. They are thinking/hoping that by the time Little Miss gets to high school, there will have been several changes. Thank you for suggesting a post about how we got started on our travels. Mr. Right and I just returned from Laos and Thailand, and I am still fighting the jet lag. Next week we leave for two weeks of bicycling in Germany. And then it’s down time while we train to ride our bicycles from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Russia in August. It’s a busy travel year, but we will keep on blogging.

    • says


      Oh my goodness what a small world. I am sure your son loves the neighborhood as much as we do. My husband attends the neighborhood meetings and fills me in on all the details. A lot is happening right now so we are trying our best to stay in the loop. Next time you are in the area walking around please say hi if you see us out. I am sure we will meet your son one of these days. Thanks so much for reading. We love our readers!!!

  2. Donnamae says

    Perfect! And your cherry sideboard….looks wonderful as is. (I wish people would stop insisting that everything has to be updated….it doesn’t, as long as it still brings joy to you! ). Sorry…just felt like I needed to say that. I think I’ll try my hand at making moss balls…I don’t have any either. Enjoy your day! 😉

  3. june says

    So pretty. Love the bowl too. I have never thought to prop a smaller mirror against a larger one. Love how the lamps balance everything out. Do you recall where you purchased those?

    Still can’t get that beautiful bedspread out of my mind:)

    • says

      Thank you, June. The lamps came from HomeGoods last summer. I stalked the store on every delivery day for a month until I found them. I am thinking about changing the shades for something more colorful.

  4. says

    boohoo on those saying your huntboard is out of date. I love it…and I have a similar one. Back in the day when we built our Georgian on the farm and trying to do period pieces and reproductions our interior designer mentioned that we should go for a collected look, as with an old house. That worked for me as I love old wood pieces. You cannot beat the beauty of cherry, walnut, and mahogany furniture. And that’s that. ha ha. My rant to help you. And…I think that Virginia, Kentucky, as well as old communities up and down the east coast can hold on to those “old” looks better. The historic style is lovely. I mean who dumps an old family piece that might not be “in style” today. Old Kentucky furniture is quite valuable these days. I will be holding on to my old stuff, valuable or not. ha ha. We need to start a support club perhaps. 🙂 AND…your moss balls do liven up your bowl. Have a great day. sheila

  5. Gail says

    I love your cherry sideboard. Well made furniture never goes out of style. I have furniture pieces I love that will always be in my home.