A Peek at the Master Bedroom

You probably already know that Jordan and I don’t really show our master bedrooms as a whole.  There have been snippets here and there over the years, and we will probably keep it that way.  There’s just something about showing my whole master bedroom and bath to the world that just doesn’t feel comfortable to me.  I love seeing everyone else’s and am glad they don’t have the same phobias that I do.  I think it’s the fear of not being worthy.  As we have said, we are real people living in real houses, and as the blog world continues to take on a more professional and polished look, we just keep doing the same ole thing with our same ole selves.  That being said, I want to show you a few quick photos of the summer look for our bed.

 Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons


I like to use a bedspread rather than a comforter in the summer.  It’s a lighter weight for sleeping, and it’s a fresh and bright look for summer.  Plus, a bedspread makes making a bed a lot easier.  The striped bed skirt is from Country Curtains, and it along with the rug go right with the bedspread.


 MAster bedroom - The 2 Seasons


I decided to keep it simple in both our master bedroom and guest bedroom this spring and summer.  I am using plain white pillowcases rather than brightly colored shams on our display pillows, and have even reduced the number of throw pillows we will be using.


Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons


After reading Unstuffed, I really am trying to simplify and pare down.  (Goodwill loves me right now.)  That philosophy and blogging might not go hand in hand since the best photos have lots of stuff in them, but it makes me happier.  Also, with our heavy travel schedule this year, I want to be surrounded by a peaceful setting when we are home.


MAster bedroom - The 2 Seasons


My friend gave this Pottery Barn pillow cover to me for Christmas, and its colors are the same as the colors in the bedspread.  I love the two together.



Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons


Oh, there’s one more thing I want to point out.  In this room, we use matching small dressers beside our beds instead of night stands.  They are taller and have a larger surface for our clocks, lamps, books, etc.  So there you go – a peek at our spring/summer bedroom look.


Take care.


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  1. Debbie says

    I love the bedspread and I have the same phobia about the master bedroom. I like for it to remain private. The botanical pillow really brings it together.

  2. june says

    Love the bedspread. It’s as if the pillow was made for it. I love how the pillow makes the colors all pop.

  3. says

    I have the same Pottery Barn pillow cover & love it. It looks great with your bedspread. What a fresh look for summer!

  4. says

    Your bed looks so pretty dressed for summer! I’m a fan of bedspreads and coverlets, too.

    I very rarely show photos of my master bedroom, either. . . and it’s because there’s nothing new to show! Somehow this space is one that I like to keep pretty simple and spare. I think I’ve changed my mattress as many times as I’ve changed my decor over the past ten years. 🙂