Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I thought I would chime in with some Tuesday thoughts. We have gotten lots of emails and feedback saying that y’all enjoy our random thoughts,  so we thought we will continue for a while.


It has been one year since we met Little Miss in Thailand and became a family of three.  That day is so clear to me, and it is truly bittersweet.  We had been waiting to meet our daughter, whom we bonded with through her picture for months.  We were so so happy, but for her it was such a day of heartache.  She didn’t know we were her forever family waiting to love her more than she ever knows.  To her, she was leaving the people she knew and who loved her and treated her as a member of their family.  We had a low key celebration, and we went out to a Thai restaurant to mark the one year.  In the adoption world many refer to the day as “gotcha day.”  We read in some books that the term is more for the parents, and it forgets about the feelings of the child on that day. I couldn’t agree more, so we call it our “special family day.”  We hope to celebrate it each year, because it is the day the three of us created and became our own little family.  Going to dinner and talking about Thai traditions and culture is one way we can always remember and respect our daughter’s culture and feelings.


World Market Lamp and Lamp Shade

On a decorating note I just bought this lamp shade and lamp base from World Market.  It is going to go in my office.  They have the cutest things and have often been the answer to a decorating want or need.


Mosquito trap

Now that it is warmer and we are outside more, we have noticed that the mosquitoes are starting to come around.  At times, I wonder if we should screen in our back porch.  I have thought about purchasing one of these.  I am curious….. Do any of you have input to share with us about mosquito control or have one of these?  I would love to know if they really work.


Laser Level


Getting a straight line when hanging my vintage prints was no problem with this little tool.  I love it and have had it for a few years.  It has come in very handy when I am trying to hang things straight on a wall.  It has some suction to the wall, and you get a laser line.  It is a great little gadget.  Yankee even uses it now and then.


Lavendar Bitters

Sparkling water with lavender bitters, sun tea and watermelon juice are my afternoon drinks of choice right now.  Usually I drink a coffee during Little Miss’s nap time, but I am now into something cool and refreshing.  My neighbor told me about adding some lavender bitters to my sparkling water because we both are always making sparkling water in our soda stream.  It is so summery and delightful.

Well those are just some thoughts from me, have a great day!


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  1. Cynthia says

    I had one of the bug lanterns in AZ, yes, they work. Little Miss would love th crackle, zap sound they make when a bug makes contact. I love reading about your little family and how you have bonded this last year. Congratulations on this milestone!

  2. Jan S says

    “The Mother/Daughter Blog”. As I looked at the picture of Little Miss and Jordan, I was struck at how you have the potential of a 3 generation blog “Mother/Daughter/Granddaughter Blog”. Congratulations on your Family Day.

  3. Mary Faircloth says

    My niece was adopted 35 years ago and her family celebrates her birthday in January and her family day in March. Family day will forever be one of the happiest days in our lives. And I know she would agree. Love your blog!

  4. Jenny Young says

    We tore down our old back porch & built a new screened porch a few years ago…the best thing we’ve ever done! We spend so much time out there & I love leaving the French door open to my kitchen & letting the breezes blow with no worries about bugs.

    I’ve always read the bug zappers just draw more bugs to your yard? Maybe you should gift one to your neighbor?! 😉

    • says


      I go back and forth on screening in our porch. Hahah gift one to the neighbors, that’s a great way to try it.