Little Miss Update-11 Months Home

I always seem to be a few days behind when I write our monthly updates for little Miss. I base them off the time when we brought her into the United States.   This month will be the one year mark of placement day and meeting our little lady for the first time, and May will round off a year of her being home with us.  I thought by the year mark I would be able to show you her face, but we are still in this adoption process.  However, we did receive some major paperwork, and now we are in the process of finalizing the adoption with our state (North Carolina.)  Then we will go to the Thai Consulate in NYC for it to be finally final!!!!!


Adoption Update

 (hanging out in the kitchen)

This was a big month for Little Miss because she had her first overnights at my parents house.  Yankee surprised me with a trip to Central America (I’ll write about it soon), and he already arranged for my parents to watch Little Miss while we were on the trip.


Little Miss - The 2 Seasons

(going to the slide at the home show)

I knew she would be in excellent hands, but this mamma was a little nervous to leave my baby.  Before her big adventure we talked a lot about her staying with Ya Ya and Grandpa, and we made a calendar that she got to mark off daily.  Well, let’s say Little Miss is a rock star and did great.  She had so much fun and was spoiled like a grandchild should be.  She loved doing things with them like going to the home show and riding the slide there.  They also went bicycling (they have a cart so that my dad can pull her behind his bike), to the library, out to eat, to the park, to ice cream, etc.



Adoption Update

(playing with her new wagon)

It is so amazing to see how far our daughter has come in a somewhat short time.  We think back to the days that she screamed when she saw Yankee and wanted nothing to do with him.  Now she keeps checking the door for when he comes home from work, and she says she is Daddy’s girl.  Her confidence has grown so much.  The other day we had to go to the doctor for a wellness checkup, and she walked right it waving and saying hi to the nurses.



Adoption update

(working a Frozen puzzle)

She is also really starting to play and interact more with children, and I love to see that.  We have started hosting an occasional Friday front porch happy hour, and Little Miss loves to help set up the children’s area.  We bought this small bounce house which has been a huge hit with her and the other neighborhood kids.


Adoption Update

(Learning to dance with fans at the park)

While she stills loves Frozen, Moana has really come out in the lead in the princess department, and she is obsessed with the character.  I did get tired of the Frozen songs pretty fast.  The Moana songs are very pleasant, and I have enjoyed listened to them on a daily basis.  My parents bought a Moana doll for her, and she loves it.  She tells people that her hair will look like Moana’s when she gets older.

 Adoption update

(checking out a tarantula)

Little Miss wants to help in every area and it is fun to see how proud she is when she helps out.  Loading the laundry machine with clothes and helping us pull weeds are so exciting for her.  It makes me like these chores a little more than I did a few months ago.


Adoption Update

 (coloring eggs with Gracie)

I still can’t believe she is home, and we are a family of three.  We have our groove and routine, and she brings so much joy to our family. We are truly blessed to call Little Miss our daughter.  Thank you all for following along on this wild ride called adoption.


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  1. Linda Manuel says

    It warms my heart to know that at least one little girl in the world is getting to experience growing up with so much love and guidance! I wait for your updates! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with her.

  2. says

    Wow it just doesn’t seem like it has been a year already! Look so forward to when you can share a picture of her sweet face. Sounds like everything is going so well and she is learning so much. I love the pictures of her and Gracie. They are always so sweet. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful journey with us.

  3. Barbara in CT says

    Don’t reveal too much although I can hardly wait to see her face. Blogger’s kids need their privacy.