The Stacking Tables Get an Update



I have a set of stacking tables in the great room that came from Mr. Right’s aunt, and we have had them for years.  Here on the blog you have seen them go through many looks.  They started out mahogany, and I painted and distressed them a few years ago.


 Stacking tables - The 2 Seasons


The nice thing about the three tables is that they have removable glass tops that make changing the look easy.  Their latest was neutral wrapping paper that resembles burlap.  They have had several different colors of paper in them.  (By the way, this chair, which I wrote about here, is at the upholsterer right now.)

 Stacking table - the 2 Seasons


When Josie and I were at the Big Flea in January, I bought one page from a botanical book from one of the dealers.  Although they are generic, I love geraniums.  The page is a painting of an old fashioned geranium.  I knew it would fit into the largest nesting table to give it a little pop of color.


 Stacking table - The 2 Seasons


All I did was remove the glass, attach the geranium page with double stick tape, put it back in the frame, and replace the glass.  It’s a subtle change, and I like it very much.  And by the way, owning a set of nesting tables has come in so handy.  When we have guests for drinks or dessert, we always sit in the great room.  The three nesting tables get pulled apart, and I place them beside our guests so they have a spot to put their drinks or plates.  Then when the guests go home, I put the three tables back, and they become one.


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  1. Rick S says

    Love the update and the geraniums. We always put pink ones along the front walk as a welcome. I also like the Mother of Pearl (French?) opera glasses. I have a pair just like them 🙂