Easy Way to Update Cushions

We have a sunroom that is truly a sunroom.  The top is pure glass, and the room gets the afternoon sun.  I love it because it reminds me of the many sunrooms attached to country homes that I have seen while bicycling in Great Britain.  However, if you are fabric or a rug, the afternoon sun is not so good.  What it does to a fabric is brutal.  After living here six years, we decided to have a professional apply a sun-blocking film to the glass ceiling, and that is scheduled for this month. However, it will be too late for the existing red ticking fabric that is on our antique wicker sofa.

 Sunroom sofa - The 2 Seasons


I bought the wicker sofa years ago at an estate auction, and it was old when I bought it.  I was crazy about it then, and I’m still crazy about it.  It reminds me of days gone by when people lingered on their porches and sat on the old wicker furniture.  The cushions on it are the originals, and they have stood the test of time because I have had an upholsterer make slip covers over the years.  I love the current ticking look that it is sporting, but I just can’t go that route again.  I love ticking almost as much as I love gingham, and I feel my house has plenty of both right now.


 Sunroom sofa - The 2 Seasons



Since I am  at a stand still on exactly which fabric to select (that seems to be an issue this spring), I decided to just purchase a few yards of chambray and and temporarily wrap the cushions this summer.   I have done it for past Christmas looks using a plaid flannel.


 Sunroom sofa - The 2 Seasons


The sofa sports tons of pillows anyway, so the chambray will work just fine for this year.  And by the way, other temporary covers could have been an old quilt, a large piece of drop cloth, a remnant of designer upholstery fabric, a cotton shower curtain or a queen sized flat sheet.


 Sunroom sofa - The 2 Seasons


The big red rug has also been a victim of the sun’s shine, and it has been taken to Goodwill.  (The other side has been used and is also faded.)  I have a new rug that really updates the room, and I’ll show it to you soon.  If you would like to see the sun room last spring, go here.  To see its fall look, go here, and the Christmas look is here.


Take care.


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    I love your sunroom and the pillows are beautiful! I did not realize that the roof was glass…yes, a true sunroom! Love the chambray! I would love a true sunroom in my next home…possibly doubling as a greenhouse…Have a great weekend Janette!