Little Miss Update- 10 Months Home

Can you believe our little one has been with us ten months?  We are so close to the year mark.  I can’t believe it.  I was on Facebook the other day, and a memory popped up on my timeline of Yankee and me about to travel to Iceland for our babymoon.  Wow!  I can’t believe it was over a year ago.


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(Watching construction at our local park.)

Little Miss continues to make huge leaps and bounds.  I think every month I say something about language, and I really can’t get over how fascinating it is to watch (and hear) her put things together. Granted, it is mostly toddler talk, but Yankee and I understand what is being said.  We can have a whole conversation with her.



(A daddy daughter visit to Home Depot.)

The older Little Miss gets and the more time she spends with us, the easier things get in the attachment department.  We have been going to the YMCA and the church nursery since about five months home.  We talk about going, she knows we come back, but she always has tears at drop off, which just kills me.  The last two months they lasted about two seconds, but they tug at my heart.  This month something clicked.  She now blows me two kisses, says “bye bye”, and walks right in.  After I pick her up she always comments, “Mommy come back,”  so I feel she finally understands no more big changes, and we come back.  Last week at church she told me before walking in she loves church, and it’s her favorite.   Seeing her walk right in with a smile on her face makes me smile because  I am seeing a confident little girl emerge.




Now that spring in here we are back to being outside as much as possible.  Usually, our afternoons are spent outdoors.  We did our first little hike around a lake at a nearby park, and she loved it.  What child doesn’t love being in nature and playing with sticks?  I also decided it was time to plant some pansies, and Little Miss was a great helper. She sat down and dug some holes for the flowers, and I think she could have spent all day helping with flowers.  One thing her foster mother told us was that Little Miss would always help her and was by her when she was planting flowers or gardening.  From day one Little Miss had a love for flowers.  She wasn’t a fan of Yankee in the beginning so he would always hand her a flower, and boy, she held on to it for hours.



Well we have signed up for her first activity.  I thought I would wait a little longer to sign her up, but this girl wants to be a soccer player.  At our neighborhood park they have soccer practice.  Did you know they start at age two?  Well, we would be at the park and she watched other kids having practice, and she got the biggest eyes.  That was last fall,  so we decided to get her a soccer ball which she loves.  She puts her hands behind her back and just kicks it around the yard.  Seeing this helped us decide we would give it a try.  Well, folks she is doing great, and LOVES it.  There are no tears.  She runs right up to her coach and stays engaged the whole time.  That is the biggest battle with this young age, but she is in her zone.  She works up a sweat and just has a big smile on her face.  Does this mean I am now a #soccermom?  I do have to say seeing these littles all run around is just the cutest thing ever.  I love getting the biggest hug after practice. Ahhh….. really, can she melt my heart anymore?




Along with how is her English, we get a lot of questions about food.  I have to say that Little Miss is a great eater.  She pretty much eats what we eat and will try everything at least once, if not twice.  Even if she has tried something before and said she didn’t like it, I will continue to put it on her plate because some days she likes it and eats the whole serving.  One day she loved pickles, and the next she told me, “not like.”  So, it is not always consistent.  She does like her fruit and veggies, and I have been asked how I get her to eat her veggies.  I basically serve her what we are eating, and we don’t make a big deal about them.  The other day she kept asking for more asparagus.  We didn’t gush or say, “Good girl you like vegetables or  you like asparagus.”  We just gave her more and continued on.  We do the same with dessert which is usually fruit, if we have any.  If she still has food on her plate we just leave it by her because usually after dessert she will go back for more vegetables.  Again, we don’t make a big deal. I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not, but it has worked well for us.



(Walking around with all her accessories, including her monkey.)

This month has been really low key and we have stayed at home and played, gone to museums ,and really enjoying all Charlotte has to offer for toddlers. Play Dough is the toy of the month as she breaks it out everyday.  I forgot how fun Play Dough is, and I think I have just as much fun making things and playing with the squishy stuff as she does.  I have finally created the perfect “princess music station” on Pandora.  She is very quick to point out anytime there is an advertisement.  I guess she figured out that I am on the free plan and not the no ad paid plan! “Moana” is out doing “Frozen” this month in terms of songs and wanting to talk about it.




I am not going to lie.  It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine.  We are learning all about our emotions, and tantrums are popular.   Slowly, we are working our way through them, and they are starting to happen less often.  We are hoping this is part of the “terrible twos.”

These months just keep going faster and faster.  As I have said before, Little Miss is the perfect addition to our family and being a family of three just gives me the biggest smile.  We love this little lady so much.  Thank you for continuing to follow along on this journey.


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  1. Judy M. says

    I just love your posts about Little Miss Jordan! I am wondering when the adoption process will be finalized. Your daughter is one lucky little girl!

    • says

      Judy, we are still doing some paper work, but a major approval came through just this morning. Baby steps and deep breathing are getting me through this slow ordeal.

  2. Donnamae says

    Yeah for happy progress reports! I personally don’t like the term ‘the terrible two’s’…I always preferred to put a positive spin on things, and called them ‘the terrific two’s’. After all, they (my 3 sons) were getting older and even more fun to be around…and I thought that was a good thing. I am thrilled that the bonds are getting tighter with all 3 of you…but yet she feels secure enough to do things independently. Yes…guess you are a soccer mom! Have a terrific week with your daughter! 😉

  3. Emily Bass says

    I am a former Ramsey Ave neighbor. As your child approaches 3 you should consider starting her on Suzuki violin lessons. It is the perfect age. My daughters did it many years ago. Make sure your teacher has had the proper Suzuki teacher training. It is fun and a really good thing to do with your child. She is adorable!

    • says


      This is good to know about I had no idea about Suzuki violin. She loves music and the other day our library had a musical petting zoo and she got a kick out of touching and hearing all the instruments. Even though we moved thanks so much for continuing to read our blog!