Our Trip to Cuba – Part 1

Recently Mr. Right and I led our annual volunteer vacation, and this year we went to Cuba.  If you are new here, let me give a little explanation.  For the past 18 years, Mr. Right and I have gone to a third world or developing country to do a project for the less fortunate.  We started out building houses through Habitat for Humanity, and then we became trained leaders.  We then broke off on our own and have led a group of friends to some really cool countries.  We have built houses, repaired orphanages, worked on schools, built playgrounds, repaired apartments, and more.  Since going out on our own, we, along with Jordan, have volunteered in Egypt, Zambia, Laos, Burma, Argentina, India, Colombia, and this year Cuba.  (Jordan couldn’t go this year since she has Little Miss.)  Each year Mr. Right and I pick a country that we would like to visit or like to return to, and we locate an agency there that puts us in touch with a needy organization.  Mr. Right makes a preliminary trip to the country to meet up with the group we will be helping.  He learns about their needs and comes up with a plan for our group.  There are normally about 20 of us, and we are from all over the country.  One even comes in from China where he works.  We are very diverse. We meet up in the country and have a great time working on the project, being with each other, meeting the locals, seeing the sites, and learning about how others live.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

I am going to devote this post to the project that we worked on.  Then I’m come back later and show you what we did and what we saw in our spare time.  I want to let you know that Cuba is beautiful, and the people were wonderful.  They are very poor.  The average worker earns 20 to 25 dollars a month.  You read that right.  People working in the tourist industry make more.  There are professionals like doctors and lawyers working in tourism because they make more money.  There is not a lot to buy, and there is not a lot of variety on foods that are available for them to purchase.  We stayed in Varadero, which is a tourist area, and this is their beach.  It was breathtaking.  We traveled about an hour each way to get to and from our project.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

These are some of the houses in the village where we worked.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

Thankfully, this one was unoccupied.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

 The houses are mostly made from concrete blocks, and the interiors would be a sitting room, a bedroom or two, and a kitchen.  Because it is always hot there, some people have their kitchens outside on a back porch.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons


The center where we were based is a non-profit set up by a man named Willie.  They provide food from their garden along other necessities to the needy.


Cuba - The 2 Seasons


We knew ahead of time that they were in need of just basics items like deodorant, soap, toothpaste, etc. So, our group brought suitcases full of those things.



Cuba - The 2 Seasons


We also took toys and school supplies for the children and were so glad we did.


Cuba - The 2 Seasons


One day we stopped by a baseball practice that a young team was having.  Here they are listening to the interpreter give them messages of hope from us.


 Cuba - The 2 Seasons


We were so sad to see the shoes they were wearing for practice.   Some of their shoes had holes in them.  So sad.


 Cuba - The 2 Seasons


We bought bags of dry beans and rice and then divided them up into smaller portions.  Our group then delivered the rice and beans to needy families.


Cuba - The 2 Seasons


This nice young man was born with a severe birth defect.  He recently received a wheel chair, and he now can get around his neighborhood.


Cuba - The 2 Seasons

We provided funds so that the room there on the left could be added to his house and actually completed.  Then he will have a space that will be easy for him to get to.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

This is a sad story.  A 15-year-old girl was out riding her bicycle when she became hungry.  She stopped and climbed a mango tree so that she could have the fruit as a snack.  She fell from the tree and became permanently paralyzed.  She is confined to a second story room in her house so we provided the funds so that this house could be built for her with a first floor that she can get in and out of.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

The center grows organic pineapples to distribute to the poor or to sell to raise funds.   They were the best pineapples ever.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

They also have an organic garden, and some of our group worked in it to pull weeds, etc.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

Some helped haul gravel for a project, and we cleaned up around the facility and painted some buildings.

Cuba - The 2 Seasons

We painted the living room, bathroom, and kitchen of this house.  The family has two children, and their nine-year-old boy was born with severe defects.  He is bedridden in a fetal position.  They were so thankful for the help.

Our group is a very diverse group.  We range in age from 40 to 92, and each year we will have a few who can’t make it and one or two new ones.  Religions that have been represented are Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Quaker, Mormon, Atheist, and Buddhist.  We have gays, straights, married, and divorced.  We come from spots like New York City, and a ranch in Nebraska.  We have varying political views, but we love and respect the things we differ on and the things we have in common.  We look forward to our get-togethers every year.  For me personally, I think these small projects with a few people are the answer to world peace.  You can’t hate a person when we work and sweat side by side for a common goal.  When the people we have helped think of America, I hope they think of our group and then think of love.  It’s as simple as that.

Take care.


  1. Mary Ann says

    As I sit here having my first cup of coffee of the morning I felt compelled to comment on your post. What you, your husband and friends do is amazing. There is so much deplorable behavior all over the world and what you do is like a gentle light in the darkness. Ordinary people bringing help and comfort to those in need. You are all very special!

  2. Dani says

    Your trip to Cuba and what you did is amazing…all your volunteer vacations are amazing to me, and I admire all of you for your efforts, love and compassion. How do you choose the volunteers who join you on your volunteer vacations? I would love to join one of your trips if possible. Thank you!

    • says

      Dani, thank you. The volunteers is a core group of friends that we have made through our bicycling trips and other travels. We have known many of them for 20 years. Right now we have a waiting list of friends who want to join us. My husband always interviews new people to make sure they will fit in with the group. I will be glad to add you to the waiting list if you would like.

  3. MO LARSON says


  4. Cheryl Johnson says

    You are a beautiful person, inside and out Janette. Thanks to you, your husband and the others for all you do for world peace.

  5. Barbara in CT says

    Please fill us in on some of your other trips.

    I had trouble on Safari this morning with a Dell ad that covered the screen and wouldn’t close no matter what I did. I am using Safari on an iPad.

  6. Cindy Brown says

    What you, your husband, and the group do is amazing. We have so much and still complain about insignificant problems so when you bring to light these places and people and how they live, it makes you feel ashamed and that is a good thing. Thank you for your compassion and for the hope you bring to these different countries and their poorest.

  7. Donnamae says

    It is truly amazing what you, your hubby, and your small but fierce band of Merry friends are doing. Kudos to you all! You know that mantra of world peace? You are doing something about it….one project at a time! I am excited to read more! 😉

  8. Louloua says

    Thank you for sharing what you and your amazing group of volunteers do. I hope it inspires others to work to help make our world a better place. We’ve never needed it more.

  9. Linda says

    Just amazing. Maybe someday I could l join a group that does things like this. Just made my day reading about what you are doing! Again, just amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. says

    What an example you are providing for others. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “…To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.”