Tuesday Thoughts

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share some random thoughts on this Tuesday.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it.  It’s just me blabbing away.

We are on the 10 month mark of motherhood, (will have a Little Miss update soon), and there are a few things I have noticed.



You need to have a dog if you have a toddler.  Gracie is spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law so they can enjoy having a dog for a few weeks.  I had no idea how much Gracie really helps clean up the floor around Little Miss.  I always thought she was such a clean eater.  Wrong….. Gracie was just sneaky and quiet, but she cleaned up everything.  My vacuum cleaner is getting a little more use while she is away.

Sqeeze packets

These squeeze packets are amazing.  Little Miss loved the pre-filled applesauce and other fruits packets that I bought.  I was wondering if they had empty ones I could fill.  Of course, Amazon had some, and I ordered them and love them.  We now make smoothies together and put them in the packets.  They are perfect to fill along with applesauce, yogurt, etc.  For summer, I will be able to freeze them and pack a lunch for a picnic.  So glad I found out about them, even if I am the last one on earth to know.  Oh, and for cleaning, I just pop them in the dishwasher (that I still hate), and they end up getting as clean as new.


Tuesday Thoughts


I love Dolly Parton.  I have always loved her song “9 to 5”,  and when we were in our 20’s my girlfriends and I always got a kick out of her song, “Potential New Boyfriend”.    Now I love her even more after learning about her Imagination Library.   Dolly Parton knows reading and books are important and wants to encourage children to learn. She has created this program to provide free books to children.  Children living in certain areas can be registered to receive a free book each month until they are five years old.  I registered Little Miss, and she just received her first book and was so excited to get mail.  She is loving the classic “The Little Engine That Could.”




I needed a good pair of shoes for walking to the park, library,  grocery store, post office, etc., but I didn’t always want to wear tennis shoes with my outfits.  These shoes are awesome.  I can’t rave enough about them.  Mom also has them but in a different color.  They are like walking on air.


Velcro Rollers


I don’t have a ton of time in the mornings to do my hair, so I recently ordered these large velcro rollers and have gone back to old school hair styling.  It took some time to get them right, but now I love it, and it is so easy.  I pop them in my hair, get Little Miss ready, straighten up the kitchen, and then take them out.  My hair is then ready for the day.  Plus, I have noticed it works even better on day old hair. This method gives my hair tons of volume.  I was going to show you a photo of my hair in rollers, but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.


Ghost Chair


I have been working on updating my office, and I hope to give you a sneak peak soon.  I ordered this ghost chair and LOVE it!  It is actually pretty comfortable.  Granted, I am not sitting in it all day.  When I do, it is good, and the look is awesome.



Gel Pens


I also decided to throw out all of my mismatched pens and started using these gel pens. Have you used gel pens before?  Oh my, they are so fun! They come in 40 colors which is a bit excessive, but I am enjoying the options.  I am back to paper and am using an Erin Condren calendar.  I thought I should be color coding things, and it has been fun.  I love writing little notes and letters with these gel pens.


Amazing Race Logo


The Amazing Race is coming back on March 30th!!!  Yankee and I love watching this show.  Did you know years ago Mom and I actually applied? We joke now that we don’t think we would have made it too far.  We had a blast making our audition tape.

Okay….. Those are just some random things going on with me.  Thanks for following along.




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    I tried to get my family to apply for Amazing Race several years back. My husband looked at me and said do you really want the whole world to see us yelling at each other when things go wrong!?!? He had a point! Ha!