Spring Look on the Fan Hood

First of all, thanks to everyone who weighed in about the sofa debate.  Stay tuned….. When Yankee and I worked up our plans for our DIY fan hood, I requested a shelf to be part of the design.  I wanted a place to put art, wreaths, and seasonal decorations.  The hood is so pretty that having nothing there is also a nice option.   In fact, the shelf has been bare since I removed our Christmas wreath back in December, and I loved the way it looked.  Having the shelf is almost like having a second mantel to play with.


Spring look on the fan hood

However, with spring arriving next week, I wanted to spiff up a few areas of our house, and that shelf was one of those spots.  I bought two blue and white vases at HomeGoods and added some greenery to them.  I thought that was enough, but when I texted a photo of it to Mom, she suggested that I add a piece of art.


 Spring mantel for the kitchen

Little did she know that the art would be one of her hand-me-downs.  The colorful squares that are framed in a silver frame add just the right amount of color.  Mom used it in the condo my parents had in Toronto for a while.  I thought that I was finished with it, and it was literally in my pile to take to Goodwill.


 Spring Mantel for Kitchen

It’s a good thing I saved it from that pile because it is the just the right touch to pull all of our colors together.  A day after I took the pictures, I realized I had some forsythia.  I swapped out  the greenery for the bright burst of yellow, but when forsythia season is over, I’ll bring the greenery back.  I think the forsythia adds an even cheerier feel to the kitchen for spring.  Don’t you?