My Latest Antique

Yesterday I wrote a post about hearing Amanda Nisbet speak at the Bluegrass Trust Antique Show.  What I didn’t tell you in that post is that when I shopped the show, I scored a big demi-john from a dealer out of Michigan.  I probably overpaid for it, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it would become my latest antique.

 Demi-john in great room - The 2 Seasons

This demi-john is really large, and the thing that makes it unusual, according to the dealer, is that the lid is still with it.


 Demi-john in the great room - The 2 Seasons

It isn’t a European demi-john.  It came from the Italian section of Montreal and is probably from the 1920’s.


 Demi-john in great room - The 2 Seasons

Right now I have it in our great room, but this baby will move all over our house.  That’s part of the beauty of it.  Josie’s decorator told her that each room should have something whimsical in it, and this can be my second whimsical item in our great room.  (A wooden propeller is the other odd piece in the room.)


 Demi-john in great room - The 2 Seasons

I also bought another item at the show, and it will go in Josie’s powder room.  There’s a great story with it.  Once it gets situated in its DC home, I’ll have Josie take photos of it so you can see what it is.


Take care.