Buying a Sofa for Our Living Room

This year I really wanted to put some focus on our living room since we do a lot of living in there.  Our home has the open concept for the living room and kitchen, so lots of our time is in this room.  For what has been a looooong time,  I have been putting together a plan, and I wanted to share and get your input.


New living room rug - The 2 Seasons

Here it is today, and I am still so in love with the rug.  It doesn’t show any dirt, lint, or dust, which is amazing, and the colors are so fun and fresh.



New living room rug - The 2 Seasons

Here you can see the other side of the room.  We have now hung the television on the wall above the fireplace, which I love.  I now have a huge mantel to decorate.  Ideally, I would have two full sized Chesterfields facing each other, but it just doesn’t work with spacing with how the door opens onto the patio.  So I am going to Plan B.  I am leaning towards a new sofa and two Lazy Boys that do not look like recliners. They will replace the loveseat.   I won’t lose any seating, but I’ll gain the comfort of a recliner.


Let’s start with sofas.

Antropologie Sofa

I have always loved the style of this sofa from Anthropologie.  It had what I was looking for –  leather and a back without cushions.  Those were my two big criteria.  I thought I would never be on board with a leather sofa, but having a child has helped me change my mind.  I also didn’t want cushions on the back because our current sofa doesn’t have cushions, and I like the clean look.  Our loveseat has cushions, and I am always fluffing and trying to give them some life.  The only downfall with this sofa is I want to sit on one first to see how it fits and feels.



Chadwick Sofa

 I found this sofa at Ethan Allen.  I think it is the perfect combo of a Chesterfield and a sofa.  It has a higher back than a Chesterfield so it would be a little more comfortable.  I finally made it to an Ethan Allen store last week when I was visiting my parents,  and I was in search of this sofa.  I loved it but felt in person that it was big and a little too big for my space.  I decided to browse the showroom because I had not been inside an Ethan Allen since I was probably a teen picking out my desk.  While I was browsing I found this beauty.



Oxford Sofa Ethan Allen

This is the Oxford.  I think I stopped in my tracks when I found it.  It could be “The One.”  I sat down, and it was comfy and just perfect.  Plus, it came in three sizes and it would work in our room.  Ahhhh…..  I am in love.  Now, here is where I would love to hear your input and help.  I haven’t ordered it yet because I can’t decide on a color.  I am between a navy and dark brown.  I feel both are neutrals. Should I be a little adventurous and go for the navy or stay basic and go with a dark brown?  Please, please let me know what you think.  This sofa will be with us for a long time, and I need to get it right.


Please comment. I would love to hear any thoughts and ideas.



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  1. Iris says

    Sorry if this comment is way out of date but I have to read blogs occasionally in my spare time. I could not not find a date on your post . I say navy. Both are neutral but navy seems as if it would tie together with the lovely blues in the rug.

  2. Gail says

    I would love the Navy. Everyone had White, beige or brown. I have a Denim couch in Blue and I love it.

  3. says

    If you are choosing between just those two colors, I would definitely go with Navy….a great neutral and color. I have a large brown leather conversational sofa in our media room and it did not take me long to tire of the color. Practical, but in retrospect, I would have chosen another fabric. I do love the Oxford sofa!

    • says

      Wow I had no idea so many people would be for Navy. This is making me more confident and I agree it is a good neutral.

  4. Donnamae says

    I think a Navy sofa would be gorgeous with your rug! Curious to see what you order! 😉

  5. Elizabeth says

    I go with the navy. It would look great with your rug! I’m your mother’s age and back in our day, I remember navy as being the “black” of the day; it was and still is a neutral. The brown seems to take us back to the “Tuscan” days of 15-20 years ago.
    By the way, you can probably get a better deal if you go to High Point, just down the road from Charlotte, to order your sofa. You can try out furniture and order what you want. The blog Savvy Southern Style had an awful experience with her order from Ethan Allen.

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Extremely sadden to hear that our blogger sister, “Savvy Southern Style” had a bad experience at Ethan Allen. I can ensure you that Jordan will be well taken care of because in this case – I actually work for Ethan Allen as an Interior Designer and have been blessed to become Jordan’s designer. I promise you, Jordan and anyone else who I get the pleasure of working with will be extremely pleased and satisfy.

      P.S.- I’m with you Elizabeth- I say go with the navy!!

  6. Cindy Brown says

    Navy for me! Brown is so drab. The navy would be fresh and clean looking. Can’t wait to see it when you get it!

  7. Cynthia says

    My sister purchased that same sofa when she moved to East Tennessee last year in a light beige. The style is classic, and the colors of her room can be changed seasonally by changing out throws and pillows. She has no children or pets. I like the navy choice, but either would be good building blocks.

    • says


      I am glad to hear your sister likes her sofa. A reader just brought up a great point about two cushions vs. three has your sister had any issues with only having two cushions?

  8. Rick S says

    Navy for all the above reasons and it would look crisp with the white you have and the silver in dining room. If you go with navy what would you use on the recliners?

    • says


      I was also thinking a neutral for the recliners but not leather. I don’t think they would get as much wear and tear as a sofa. I’ll keep everyone updated!

  9. Beth says

    The sofa is lovely but there is something that I realized when I was shopping for a new sofa. Since the sofa has only 2 seat cushions, it isn’ that conducive to seating 3 people. People do not want to sit on the crack between the cushions. I was listening to the podcast episode “sofas 101” from Yvonne at Stonegable and 2 other bloggers. One of them has a 2 cushion sofa and said that no one ever sits in the middle. Good luck with your decision!

    • says


      Wow I never thought about the two cushion thing, that is an excellent point. I started the Yvonne’s podcast on sofa’s and I haven’t finished it when they talk about the cushions. I guess I need to finish listening!

  10. Debbie says

    I bought a sofa from Ethan Allen and was so disappointed. The cushions had to be redone because they broke down. I have not been happy with the quality of the sofa. Go with the navy. It will be beautiful with the room!

  11. TAG says

    I have two Ethan Allen sofas in my home. I think the quality and price are really good compared to the other large national retailers that are popular. I like that you have access to a large selection of fabrics, wood finishes and choice of cushion construction to customize your sofa. A custom sofa does take a long time to get delivered so patience is needed. One of my sofas is new, but the other is 14 years old, used daily and still looks great!

  12. Candy says

    Love the sofa, however, does your dog shed? My yellow labs don’t get on the furniture but when they walk by any furniture it’s like their fur jumps off their bodies. I could never have anything navy in my house. I have a pottery barn slipcovered sofa and its been great and looks new after six years and i wash it every few months.

    • says


      This is a great point! Fortunately Gracie rarely sheds, so I am hoping this wouldn’t be an issue. We also do not let her on the furniture.