New Rug in the D.C. Dining Room

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about my brother’s and sister-in-law’s dining room.  Since that post was published, an addition has been made to the room.  After seeing photos on our blog, Josie decided they needed a rug under the table, and she found a dandy.  And by the way, the dog model that you see in some of the shots is my dog, Gracie.  She is taking a vacation in DC for a few weeks.  My brother and Josie don’t own a dog, and keeping Gracie now and then gives them their dog fix.  Josie gets the credit for taking these photos.



DC dining room gets a rug - The 2 Seasons


This shot is from the living room looking into the dining room.  The front door is on your right, and the stairs are on your left.


DC dining room gets a rug - The 2 Seasons

Either Gracie is trying to be overly dramatic, or she wants to blend in.  The rug is almost symmetrical, and I just love it. It’s a beauty!


DC dining room gets a rug - The 2 Seasons

 The rug came from One King’s Lane.  The mirror is from Anthropologie, and the light is from West Elm.  Everything else either is vintage from either GoodWood, or Craig’s List.  However, the great buffet turned bar is from the Salvation Army, and she had it painted black.



DC Dining room - The 2 Seasons


 Here’s a look at the before.



DC dining room gets a rug - The 2 Seasons


Another angle and another photo bomb by Gracie.  Isn’t it great how one purchase, like a rug, can really soften a room and add even more personality to it?