New Cuban Art in the Great Room

I mentioned that Mr. Right and I recently did our annual volunteer vacation, and this year it was in Cuba.  I will show some photos and do a recap for you soon.  I’m still organizing the photos.  If I buy souvenirs when we are on our various trips, I always want them to be items we can actually use in our home.  I won’t purchase something that will end up in a drawer.  That being said, Cuba had very little to offer in the way of souvenirs.  They had some craft markets around, but most of the items were the same in each booth, and in fact, some of them were made in China.  Cubans just don’t have much stuff, and they haven’t embraced the idea of marketing or being an entrepreneur.  It’s just not the way they think, and that is part of their charm.  It’s not about buy, buy, buy, and sell, sell, sell.

Cuban Art in the Great Room - the 2 Seasons

We took two separate trips to Havana, which was a two-hour drive from where we were staying in Varadero.  We went to a huge market, and even there, most of the items offered in the various booths were the same.


Cuban art - The 2 Seasons

However, in the back of the huge building (it was once a train garage), I found an artist with some original creations.  I bought two colorful 8 x 10 paintings in acrylic of women’s heads and had them framed when I got back in Lexington.  (Excuse the glare from the glass.)



Cuban art - The 2 Seasons

I love art in a room, but I like it best when it really doesn’t look as if it belongs there.   Does that make sense?


Cuban art - The 2 Seasons

If it’s a little bit off, then I think it makes the room more interesting.



Cuban art - The 2 Seasons

While I love art, I don’t like the big price tags that go along with it, but if I can buy from someone who is starting out or living in a third-world or developing country, it’s a win-win for all of us.


Cuban Art in the Great Room - the 2 Seasons

I have to tell you that I am still bothered by those two small round silver trays.  They just don’t look right to me in the photos.  Do you have any suggestions?  I am at a loss on this one.


Thank you all for stopping in.  Let’s make this a good week.

Take care.



  1. says

    Have you thought about changing out the small silver tray for the blue and white plates on the sconces? I think you need something bigger where those trays are and those little plates might work . . . Maybe . . .

  2. Cindy says

    I just think you need 2 bigger items and then you could maybe use those smaller silver trays to fill in the space between the sconces or leaning up on top with the clock and vases?
    I think your new art work fits in nicely…what a great find!

  3. says

    Love that you do a volunteer holiday every year! And the paintings that you found are beautiful. As for the silver trays, I have no idea. I’m the worst at interior design!