We Bought a Fixer Upper

We bought a fixer upper……sort of.  I want to think that it’s a fixer upper, but some people, like Little Miss, think it’s just fine the way it is.  It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, one or two fireplaces, and a small front porch.  It’s actually a doll house, and it really does need some DIY and TLC.

 Doll house - The 2 Seasons


I love, love, love a good doll house.  Jordan had a really cute one when she was growing up, and when I saw this one at my local consignment shop back in December, I fell in love – even though it needs some work.  I called them in January to see if it was still there, and they said it had sold.  However, Jordan and I stopped in the store last week to do some browsing, and there it was.  The person who helped me on the phone back in January thought I was talking about a Barbie doll house that they had sold.  No, I was talking about this one.  They discounted it down 20 percent since it had been there so long, and bam, I bought it.

 Doll house - The 2 Seasons

Little Miss played with it when she was here last week.  I cannot find the doll house furniture that we had in Jordan’s little house, and I am positive that I didn’t get rid of it.  We have some temporary furniture and a lot of accessories, and I am not sure where they came from, but for now they are perfectly fine.  We ordered a doll house family, and they are all blond.  I was hoping to find a little Asian girl, but so far, no luck on that.

 Doll house - The 2 Seasons

I am going to paint the exterior but will probably leaven the inside alone.  It has some wallpaper and carpet, and it is fine.  This doll house will stay here, and I am hoping it will be an enticement for more visits from the little one.  Wink, wink!!!

Take care.



  1. Rosalie says

    Love it! What a great doll house and I am sure that sweet grand baby will have many enjoyable hours of play ……. and one more reason to love going to to grandma’s house!

  2. Kathy says

    Love it. Try a school supply store like Discount School Supply or call Cerise at Growing Together Preschool in Lex & tell her Ms Kathy said to ask her about ethnic dolls for Little Miss