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We really don’t take much time around here to just sit and chat with y’all.  We are usually reporting on a project, talking about a trip, sharing a recipe, or showing our decorating skills.  Today I thought I would just chat with you a little.  I have some ideas and discoveries you might enjoy.


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For instance, have you heard about “golden milk?”  Jordan and I just learned about it last week, and it’s safe to say we are already hooked.  We use this recipe and drink it as a night cap before going to bed.  It’s simply warm milk (we are using almond milk) with turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, coconut oil, fresh grated ginger, and honey.  First off, I have only had one sleeping pill in my entire life, but drinking this was like taking a bunch of sleeping pills.  I have been sleeping so well.  We started drinking golden milk because we are each dealing with a little bit of inflammation in our bodies, and it is supposed to either lessen or eliminate the inflammation.  I already feel as if it is working, but we will keep you posted.  By the way, it is also called turmeric tea or golden milk, if you want to Google it.

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I am going to start sewing some simple dresses for Little Miss.  My 90-year-old mother has been making some adorable things for her that involve appliques, smocking, zippers, sleeves, etc.  You get the picture.  I can’t do that, but thanks to 4-H, I can sew a straight line, make gathers, sew pillow covers, shams and dust ruffles.  Jordan and I looked at dresses in an upscale children’s shop last week, and I decided that I probably can make a few that are similar.  I grew up thinking that clothes came from the dining room table.  My mom and I would study Seventeen magazine each month, and then she made my clothes based on what we loved in the magazine.  She cut things out on the table and stayed up till all hours sewing clothes.  She actually sewed me into one of my prom dresses because it took longer than she thought it would. It had been on the cover of Seventeen and was the prettiest dress at the dance, if I say so myself!  I will always hear her saying the following statement that she said from age 0 to 21 when we went shopping:  “I can make that for half the price.”



Blackberry Jam

I mentioned here last week that Jordan has successfully been on a food plan for over a year and has eliminated gluten, wheat, and refined sugars completely from her eating.  It has helped her deal with her Crohn’s disease, which she has had since she was 17.  It is a true success story.  Well, I gave up Diet Coke in November which was really hard.  I thought about it every single day and missed it.  About a month ago, I stopped thinking about it.  Just like that.  To deal with some bicycling aches in my own body, I am eliminating gluten and dairy from my eating for six weeks.  I’m just finishing up week two, and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would.  I had a  withdrawal headache for a few days, but that passed.  The one thing I really, really still miss is my daily morning bagel.  We have a wonderful bagel shop near us, and they have the best bagels I have ever eaten.  They’re even better than the ones in New York City.  At the end of six weeks, I will decide if I want to continue this food plan or go back to my normal eating.  I don’t want to lose weight, and getting enough calories has been a challenge.  I sure have enjoyed coming up with new recipes and eating completely clean.  Jordan recommended this cookbook, this one, and this one to me.  She uses hers regularly.  I have made blender bread and banana bread from the books, and they are really good.  There’s no wheat or sugar!


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Do you get regular manicures?  I don’t because I just do too much “heavy lifting” with my hands.  It seems they’re working on paint projects, glue projects, dirt projects, etc. all the time, and paying for a manicure would be a waste.  (I do get regular pedicures, though.)  I have been using a Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen that stays on for several days.  I get mine at the local Rite-Aid, so I bet you can find it near you.



Jamberry Nails

Jordan has the cutest nails these days.  She is using Jamberry stickers that her friend sells.  They are little decals for the nails, and then she tops them with clear gel.  They last for about two weeks and come in the cutest designs.  I think it’s a look for a young hand, so if you have daughters and granddaughters, they might enjoy a set or two.



Janette - Co-author of The 2 Seasons

And I also recently started using the foundation that Ellen Degeneres promotes, and I really like it.  Jordan tried it when she was here, and she liked it, too.  It’s Cover Girl Simply Ageless, and it goes on better than my expensive stuff.  You can find it at your local pharmacy or big box store, too.




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If you need an idea for a wedding gift or shower gift this year, we like to give monogrammed door knockers.  They are always appreciated.  This one is good for traditional or contemporary.  Anyone who engraves can add the initials.  There are lots more on Amazon.




Some of you have mentioned that we have a lot of ads, and we are sorry you feel that way.  We really don’t have more ads than many other bloggers out there are showing.  Before we started writing our blog, I used to become angry when blogs that I read added advertisements to their sites.  I thought they had “sold out.”  But now I get it.  Running a blog is costly, and we would not be able to keep it going without revenue from ads and sponsored posts.  We are just a mom and her daughter putting this little thing together from our kitchen tables.  We don’t have assistants or staff or great photography skills, and we spend at least 20 hours a week working on it!  And some of the most popular blogs are pitching products in every post.


That was fun for me, and we hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for stopping in.

Take care.


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Take care.


  1. Melissa says

    Thanks for sharing some great tips and ideas. I have been trying to think up an original wedding gift idea and love your suggestion.

    I love your blog. With all of your humanitarian efforts, I am so happy to know that you are earning something from your blog. Thanks for continuing to be a bright spot in my week.

  2. KimberlyAnne says

    I love your blog. Not overdone or overstaged. Your homes are real and inviting. I don’t like the pop up ads but I do understand why you have them. FYI – your shower door cleaning tip using glass cooktop cleaner is the best ever. I have hard water and this still keeps the glass sparkling. No more squeegee. You all are doing a great job.

  3. Patricia says

    I’ve subscribed to your blog for years and enjoy it so much. So much useful information and I always look forward to your travel posts and travel tips. I’ve purchaes a few of the products that you recommended to make long distance travel easier and found them to be so helpful
    Let us all know sometime about the products you enjoy – like make up and skin care. Im going to try the Cover Girl make up now that you mentioned how well it goes on! Your blog posts are honest and real about everyday life – I agree with the above commenter – your household tips are always great too ! It’s rare to find a blog these days without ads and I totally understand why. Actually yours has very few and either way its a very enjoyable blog to read! Thanks for your hard work !

  4. M Schomaker says

    Love your blog! Will be watching for your updates on the golden milk and clean eating. All the best blogs have ads. It is just part of the experience.

  5. Susan B. Jones says

    I enjoy your blog and haven’t noticed any ads except for some pop-ups if that’s what people are talking about. However, I see those on all the blogs I follow. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the day when we can see Little Miss’s face!!!

  6. Rick S says

    Look forward to reading your blog, always something interesting.
    Love your sewing comments. I had one semester of “Bachelor Living” in Jr. High. Cooking, Baking and Sewing . I paid better attention to the sewing than cooking
    I love sewing and making things for the house. Everything from shower curtains, pillows, to bed ruffles and Halloween costumes for the kids. I love how custom you can make what you sew, and fabric is everywhere to choose from.
    Keep your chats coming.

      • Rick S says

        Cooking is very limited, more success with sewing. I made a very full/long shower curtain that turned out very nice. I also made nine round chair cushions for my c1957 Woodard Chantilly Rose patio set in Mamie Pink.

  7. Kathy says

    I enjoy your blog. I don’t feel you have the ads so many blogs have. I have actually quit reading some blogs because of the ads. What I like the most about your blog is the simple ideas that I can incorporate into my life….like that eclair recipe. I would like to see the recipe you use for your son if it is a different recipe. I sort of feel like my kitchen is for looks but I occasionally whip something up. I am interested in your “clean” recipes. I developed diabetes a year ago and have changed my eating habits completely. I actually thought I was eating healthy before the diagnosis but I was so wrong, especially concerning carbs. (I, too, gave up Diet Coke three years ago.) My mom and I used to sew, even going as far as making swimsuits. I would like to see what you sew for Little Miss. I am happy to see your nail polish and make up suggestions. I feel the same about manicures and pedicures as you do. Thanks for your ideas, girls!