The Seasons Saturday

It’s so great to spend some time with you today.  Let’s get started.


Screen shot from Emily Henderson

Here’s some great food for thought when decorating your home with the family in mind.


Screen shot from Vanity Fair


 Love Actually is getting a sequel, but it’s not what you think.



Screen shot from Velvet and Linen

Anthropologie did a photo shoot at Patina Farm, and it looks totally different.  Which look to you like better – the original or the photo shoot?



Screen shot from Nordstrom

Three things Mom loves are stripes, shirtwaists, and navy, so she just bought this.



Screen shot from Unicorns in the Kitchen

Oh my goodness…….cheesecake dip!!!


Please pin from the original source.  We are so glad that you stopped by today.  Mom just returned from a two-week trip to Cuba, and she is full of stories and photos.  She will be sharing that with you soon.  We will see you back here Monday for the latest home improvement project at my house.



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