New Dining Chairs

Hello from Charlotte, NC.  I am down here for a few days soaking up some time with Jordan and the family.  If you have read our blog long enough, then you know that we entertain our guests in the dining area of our great room.  A few years ago, I purchased a new table, which I absolutely love, and then followed up with two new dining chairs a few months later.  It was a real bargain and is on major sale right now.  We put each of those two chairs at the ends of the table.  A bench was on one side, and two wooden chairs that we used in our Toronto condo were on the other side.

 Dining room chair - The 2 Seasons

There always seemed to be a disconnect to me.  The side chairs that I purchased seemed just a tad too large for the area and for the table.  We needed a somewhat compact table, and this one is.  Thankfully, it expands to seat eight people when we entertain.  Its size on a day to day basis was more important, though.


Dining chairs



The wooden chairs, which you can see there on the other side of the table, were too small.  I’m sounding a bit like Goldie Locks, don’t you think? I decided that I had to fix that little problem by buying four new chairs that were all the same and leaving the bench as is.  I did not take this search lightly.  I searched over a year for just the right chairs.  At one point, I ordered four navy chairs but cancelled that order before it was shipped.  Since our room gets the afternoon sun, I was afraid the navy would fade.  I had that problem years ago with a sofa in another house and wanted to avoid that issue again.


 New dining chairs - The 2 Seasons

I wanted the fabric to be more than just a cream color.  I wanted it to have some texture.  I have always been a big fan (as in obsessed) with herringbone tweed, and when I saw these chairs, I knew my hunt was over.  They were understated dining chairs that were covered in one of my favorite fabrics.


 Dining room chair s- The 2 Seasons

They were the right size, the right price, and shipping was free.  Here in Kentucky, we call that a trifecta.  I ordered the chairs, and they were on my doorstep just a few days later.  In fact, I was on a train to New York City and saw on my phone that the delivery had been made.  I checked the weather, and it was raining.  And to top it off, Mr. Right was in Europe.  I called my dear neighbors, and they carried all four chairs, which were still packed in their boxes, into their foyer and kept them there till I returned home three days later.  Good neighbors are just the best.  (I baked them a big ole blueberry pie as a thank you.)


 Dining room chairs - The 2 Seasons

Assembly for the chairs required me to attach the legs, and Mr. Right tightened up all of the bolts for me.  We are both really happy with the way the look and the quality.  Finally, the dining area looks the way I want it to.  I still have a few more tiny tweaks, (are we ever really finished?) but over all, I’m happy with it.

Thanks so much for reading our blog.  If you are new here, welcome.  If you are a regular, thank you for coming back again and again.  We appreciate each one of you.

Take care.


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  1. Joan says

    I am also a big fan of herringbone. I love your new chairs and how well they complement your dining table and room.