Art That Isn’t Art

For several years I have been looking for a little something to hang over the stove in our kitchen.  Covering up part of the marble back splash might be silly, but I love the look when magazines, Pinterest, and blogs show art over or near the stove.  Even though I have seen things that I thought might work, I never actually made a purchase.  My patience paid off because when Josie and I went to the flea market near her DC home, I found the perfect thing for the space.  It is an old advertisement for Calumet baking powder.  One of the things I love most about it is that it isn’t really art, but when I had it framed, it became art.  It just goes to prove that art that isn’t art can become art when you want it to.

Kitchen art - The 2 Seasons

When I saw it, I just knew this old ad would be coming home with me.   The colors fit in perfectly with our kitchen.  Also, the famous Calumet Farm is here in Lexington, and it is one of the most well-known horse farms in the world.  Its founders had a connection to the same Calumets who sold/sell baking powder.


Screen shot of Calumet Farm


Calumet Farm is known for its miles of white fences in a day when black fences have become the most common and most practical for horse farms.  Also, all of their buildings are white with red trim just like the baking powder can.



 Kitchen art - The 2 Seasons

The little sign had wheels in the back that could be turned to show the ever-changing prices of butter and eggs.  I set the numbers on the year we were married.  The framer and I decided to emphasize the whites which weren’t really too white anymore.


Kitchen art - The 2 Seasons

I selected an aged silver frame to blend with our stainless appliances, and the finished product turned out just the way I was hoping it would.  I might add a 3M Command strip to attach it to the wall, and I might just let it lean against the wall.  I haven’t decided on that yet.



Kitchen art - The 2 Seasons

This proves that art doesn’t have to be art.  Some great suggestions for alternatives are…..


Post cards enhance a side table - The 2 Seasons

… cards that are decoupaged to a table…..



January in the foyer - The 2 Seasons

….. or framed.



DC Flea - The 2 Seasons

Vintage posters make great art, and so do…..



DC Flea - The 2 Seasons


…..vintage world maps from old school houses.


Blue plates add color to a neutral wall - The 2 Seasons


We all know plates are great on a wall…..


 Dining room light - The 2 Seasons

…..and so are silver trays, polished or not.



Gracie silhouette - The 2 Seasons

Silhouettes of your children and dogs that you DIY make great art.  See how here.




Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

Framed botanicals from old or new books are really special, but the most special framed art of all can be your children’s art, letters, report cards, etc.  We are still waiting for Little Miss to create some art for us to hang so we don’t have any photos for this one.



DINE sign - The 2 Seasons

 (Dine sign how-to here)


The bottom line is that when it comes to art, the only thing that holds any of us back is our imaginations.  Put yours to work and come up with some great ideas for you home.


Take care.


  1. Donnamae says

    All great suggestions! Years ago I had a framed something above the stove. Guess I’m a really messy cook….because I’m remembering cleaning the glass and frame a lot! Love your poster…..great colors! 😉