Little Miss – Eight Months Home

Eight months, everyone!  It has been eight months.  Wow!  I am a little behind on this post, but I wanted to make sure I let you know how our little lady is doing.  All I can think is that she has come so far in really not a lot of time.  Her little smile and “hi” when she is up in the morning is the best way to start my day.  The snuggles, hugs and kisses melt my heart.  We found out that we still have a few months before we can finalize this whole adoption thing, and while I would rather be finished, I am at least happy doing the latest round of paperwork while Little Miss is home with us. Let’s dive right into how things are going for month eight.



Adoption eight months home

(Watching the Christmas train around the tree.)



We really see her attachment to us grow each month which is a great thing.  In the adoption world even if you think attachment has happened, you still must continue to work on it.  Talking about what we are going to do before we do it is huge and makes a big difference in how she approaches everything.  Adopted children sometimes are not fans of surprises since they did have a big surprise of a new family one day.  Talking about what is going to happen helps calm her.  This can be as simple as saying, “Tomorrow we are going to wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, and go to church.”  We feel talking to her about our day and what will happen really helps.



Adoption eight months home



I have to give Little Miss tons of praise because she is a great eater.  She gives everything a try, which is awesome.  The other day we decided to let her give brussel sprouts a try. She ate all of the ones on her plate.  I was one shocked mamma.  Still, there’s not much of a sweet tooth, but she gets so excited about sweets and desserts. I call it amazing self control.  We went to a birthday party, and she was so excited about the cupcakes, but two bites later, she was finished.  One thing she doesn’t really get into is bread.  She is not big on sandwiches, having a bun with a hamburger, or even an English muffin.  I have not been a big bread eater this year so I am not sure if she is mimicking me or if she just doesn’t like it.  However, give this girl some homemade yogurt, honey, and almonds, and she is so happy.



Adoption eight months home




Watching a child learn to speak and put words together is amazing.  I love seeing how this is all happening.  Really, since Thanksgiving  her language has started exploding. She is putting words together and now makes some sentences.  Verbs are sometimes hit and miss.  After dinner she likes to say, “May I from the table please.”  I know soon she will add “be excused” in there, but I love it.  She is really talking up a storm and says some really cute things.



Adoption 8 months home



Lots of activities last month were Christmas focused which was lots of fun.  Baking, decorating cookies and gingerbread houses kept us busy.  Charlotte also has a lot of Christmas activities for children, and we did a lot of them.  It was such a fun month!



Adoption 8 months Home

Travel and Holidays


Hello Christmas! This was a big one for us and so great.  We did visit Santa, and while there were no tears, she just had a blank stare. I had to tell Santa what Little Miss wanted. ( A stroller with a buckle for her doll baby.)  The whole Christmas season was so exciting, and Christmas day was  perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling.  We have dreamed about this for so long, and it was even better than we imagined.  By the way, she received the “Frozen” movie and is now totally hooked.



Adoption 8 months home

Shortly after Christmas, we headed out to Salt Lake City.  For the last six years we have been getting together during the week between Christmas and New Years with our roommates from our Hawaii days.  It is always a fun week with skiing, snow, and games. As each year goes on, we add more children to the mix, and it is lots of fun.  Little Miss is best friends with our best friend’s daughter, and it was adorable to see them play nonstop together.  Tutus and two year olds are so cute!  As far as traveling, Little Miss has become a pro on the plane and navigating the airport.  She loves wheeling her suitcase through the crowds to go on an adventure.  Thank goodness she likes traveling.



Adoption 8 months home

( Checking out a piece of furniture at Ikea.)



Oh…. Gracie or as Little Miss only calls her, “Dog.”  Her name as been dropped completely, and any time she talks about Gracie or wants to see Gracie it is Dog.  She enjoys having Gracie around and gives her multiple hugs daily. She still likes to sit on Gracie’s bed and look at books with her.

Well, there you go.   We have had eight months into this whole thing called parenthood.  It has been a wild ride to get here, and I appreciate all your thoughtful comments and messages during this whole process and now.  It is really touching.  At times I still have to pinch myself.  I just love that girl so much.


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  1. Rosalie says

    Beauty of life is to enjoy the child(ren) God places in our life. Enjoy parenthood… sounds
    beautiful on you!

  2. Linda says

    What an enchanting feel good update. Thanks for starting my day off so good. It warms my heart to know that there are children that are truly cared for. It surely gives one hope for the future when someone goes to the trouble of sharing such an extraordinary journey.

    I feel so blessed getting to know Little Miss and your lives.

  3. Karen says

    Love these updates. What a precious little girl. It so wonderful to read the joy she has brought to you and your husband lives.

  4. Beth Lowe says

    I just love these photos of your Little Miss. I know you had a great Christmas. Enjoy the New Year.